Your Essential Guide to Perfumes

So you're somebody who feels fancy with perfumes on? Ahah, we see! Whether you buy your favourite perfumes for men online or buy from a store after many trials and errors, without the right guide to perfumes, you may not be winning at the art of perfumery! You might think that you have been applying perfumes forever and cannot go wrong with it. Still, after reading this article, you are sure to learn more about perfumes and fragrances you had never known earlier. After all, we at Wild Stone believe in bringing out the best in every man. And when it comes to perfumes, we are committed to performing even better!

So without further ado, let's jump straight into the essential guide to perfumes for men with the do's, and the don't for perfumes, along with all busting all myths related to it (basically everything that you need to know):

Do's in a Perfume:

Applying Perfume on a wet body

Many of you men might have already heard of this point if you are a reader of Wild Stone, where we mention all important points related to perfumes and provide you with the best information on how to preserve the longevity of fragrances, but if not, let me tell you, first, to be a regular reader at Wild Stone, and second, to apply your perfume on your wet body. We mentioned wet body, which means soaked-up wet body, which is wet but not wet or dripping with water. This balance is crucial to allowing suitable fragrance absorption into your skin, which further helps retain the perfume for longer hours. An excellent trick; thank us later!

Clean Skin Supremacy

Cleanse your body thoroughly with soap or water alone because dirty skin will smell dirty no matter what. If you are sweaty, do not expect premium perfumes to cover your body odour. Here at Wild Stone, Fragrances, we offer our range of perfumes with a lavish perfume payoff. Still, it is always advisable to use our deodorants for men first, which will help you tackle the bacteria and keep you smelling fresh for a long. Top it off with perfume after. 

Hydrated Skin

Apply your perfume only on properly moisturised skin as moisture helps hold the perfume, and it evenly melts into the skin, which again helps in fragrance retention. 

Dont's in a Perfume:

Expired Perfumes - hell no!

Many of us have been guilty of this make - am I right? We might have thought, "Oh, what's the harm" until a bit of harm appears on your skin in the form of infections or rashes. So, do not be tempted to spray an expired perfume on yourself, dear men, and also, when buying perfumes for men online, be very clear about the expiry date of the perfume so that you have the longest period of usage.

No rubbing, no scratching your Perfume

Again, this is a common scenario - we rub our perfumes on our skin vigorously, thinking that they will give a better payoff when in reality, we are breaking apart the molecular composition of the perfume and ruining the whole fragrance overall. So, men, spray your perfume, stand there for 2 seconds, turn back, and head straight to work. Or you can also go to a party, no pressure whatsoever!

All myths related to perfumes for men busted 

"Every perfume smells the same on everyone" - No, it does not. The perfume payoff depends on a person's skin type, porosity, bacterial outgrowth, the ph level of the skin, and other factors. Therefore, it smells differently for different people.

"Store it inside the fridge; it'll last longer" - No, sir, it won't last long. It can only change the composition of the perfume if subject to very cold temperatures and can spoil your perfume overall. Keep at the right temperature that the bottle of perfume suits.

"It is the strongest scent, hence the best scent" - Again, no, sir, we are sorry to tell you that solid scents have nothing to do with them smelling the best. It just depends on a person's preference. If you like strong scents, go for it. If you want subtle aromas, go for it. Perfumes for men online by Wild Stone have accommodated all of them, so you're free to pick, alright, sir! We knew you had preferences and went hand in hand with them.

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