The Art Of Wearing Perfume

Here’s a quick question for all our gentlemen: What do we remember when we hear ‘perfumes’? Aren’t we immediately transcended into a world of unforgettable memories the instant our favourite scent hits our nostrils and makes us forget everything else in life, making every gloomy day fragrant, light, and smelling of divinity? That is what you call the best perfumes for men, am I right? Lucky you, because you always find your favourite scent in your Wild Stone fragrance.

But sometimes, just wearing one perfume does not help; there are ways you need to master to qualify yourself as the fragrance king. Wearing perfume is an art, and we here at Wild Stone Fragrance are present today to mould you into an artist with our top 5 genius ways of mastering the art of wearing perfumes, hence stay tuned:

Try them all out

Practically, the best way to select the right perfume for your wardrobe is by trying out as many samples as possible. You can wait to buy all of them, be smart, look out for discounts, or find some small sizes of the same perfume. The best hack is to check out the ‘fragrance section’ at the shopping mall and spray some fragrance on yourself from trial bottles for absolutely free of cost. This is how you find the best perfumes for men effortlessly.

Perfume pay-off

See, only take suggestions from some people when buying perfumes. The same perfume will always smell different on everyone. Why? Our skin types are different because our bodies have a natural odour that differs from person to person. Then the sweat from our bodies causes our perfumes to smell differently throughout the day. These are some of the most typical factors why the same perfume smells differently on everyone.

Wet skin supremacy

Dry skin only holds perfume for a short time. It does not get the chance to sink into the pores of your skin and only sticks to the surface and fades off quickly. So merge out of the shower like a real gentleman and spray on your perfume right after your shower when your skin is still pretty damp but not dripping wet. Hold the nozzle a few inches from your skin, spray an adequate amount of perfume, and let it soak in and do wonders throughout the day.

Rubbing on skin gone wrong

Men, it isn’t a skin moisturizer but a perfume. So do not rub them vigorously, thinking it is absorbing better into your skin when it completely breaks apart the molecular structure and formation of fragrance, making it much weaker for your skin to hold for long hours. Just spraying on the perfume and then re-spraying as and when needed will hold the perfume well, and you do not need to go overboard with it.

Our Wild Stone fragrance is designed to hold the scent for longer. Hence, we already have the best perfumes for men lying around the corner for you.

No, and never to expired perfumes

Who told you that perfumes never have a shelf life? Just because they retain the smell does not mean they are fit to be used even after the expiration date. Applying expired perfumes can be seriously hazardous for your skin. So look out for the expiry date and do not return the expired bottle. Buy a new one, and your skin will thank you.

So we have provided you with the A-Z guide to choosing the best perfumes for men in the most effective five steps ever. So what’s stopping our gentlemen from hacking the entire game of mastering perfumes now? Nothing and no one!

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