Do’s and Dont’s to apply a Perfume

We all have our preferences when choosing our perfumes. Still, even after putting down so much effort into picking the right one, it's frustrating to see our perfumes fade off during the day when we start smelling of sweat again. While buying perfumes for men online and then applying them on yourself, remember the dos and don'ts we're about to give you that will change how you look at perfumes.

We assure you it gets better with every single point.

The Do's of Applying Perfume:

1. Apply your perfume right after you shower

So you are out of your shower looking good and fresh, and does it not sound like the perfect time to spray some perfume on yourself? Yes, of course, it does! Post-shower is the ideal time for you to mist on some good fragrance on yourself because your skin is still hydrated and moist, which means your pores are opened up. Hence it will soak up whatever you put on it. So when it soaks up the brilliantly smelling fragrance from your perfume, it locks in the same fragrance when your body dries up. Hence all you achieve is a fresh-smelling body all day long.

2. Moisturise your body before you apply your perfume.

The reason for this is simple. Let me explain. So you are done with your relaxing bath, have moisturised your body well, and now sprayed on your favourite perfume. What happens now is that since your skin is moisture-laden and sealed with the perfect amount of hydration, so now that you are applying your perfume is sure to hold up for a long time since it is sticking to the compact surface of your skin. Dry skin will never hold perfume for long; remember that. Our favourite Wild Stone fragrances have the right amount of longevity, but this is a must to make it last even longer.


Never wear a perfume once its colour and/or smell has faded/changed

It is rightly said that perfumes and memory go hand in hand with humans. We do remember everything about our perfumes. And thank god, we do, because the moment we see any change in our fragrances, it is a good indication that it has either spoilt due to weather conditions like heat or direct sunlight or has already expired. Expired or bad perfumes will not best suit your skin, so avoid doing that. Check the expiry date of a perfume when buying for men online. That is why we recommend our hardy Wild Stone fragrances, which go a long way without you worrying about it going bad every season. 

Storing your perfume in the bath - A BIG NO!

Yes, we have told you that buying perfumes for men online is not enough and that you have to learn the correct way to apply a fragrance, and for that, you need to wear your perfume right after showering; yes, all of that is true but to make this possible, never commit the mistake of storing your perfume in the shower itself. It being a soaking wet place where we go to wash ourselves every other day is a breeding ground of bacteria and germs, so all our perfumes, including our Wild Stone fragrances which like being stored in a dry, clean place, will not like that.

There you have it, the beautiful art of applying a fragrance to smell good all day.

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