Scent up your life with Wild Stone Perfume

We all love multi-functional products, don’t we? Such products allow us to accomplish so many tasks. Using such products reduces space cram along with being extremely feasible for most of us.

Talking about multi-functional products, did you think that perfume is just a body spritz? Get ready to be shocked as we bring to you 7 alternative uses of your daily perfume by Wild Stone to scent up your life in more than one way! 

Customised Scented lotion

Do you love a scent and want to have it in more than just your perfume? It is time to make your own DIY scented body lotion. All you need to do is spray some of your favourite scent into a sizeable portion of unscented body lotion.

You can also gift these customised lotions to your friends as birthday presents. Wild Stone Intense Black deodorant with its fruity woody notes is perfect to make such customised gifting items.

Scented hair FTW!

A little hack to keep your hair smelling fresh is to use 1-2 spritz of perfume on your hair brush before running it through your hair. The scent particles stick to the oily scalp, thereby staying for a longer duration and making your hair smell nice.

Make scented cards

In the era of online messaging, cards and letters with thoughtful messages have turned out to be an amazing gifting option. If you are short of ideas on what to gift your friends and family, here’s a solution to your problem!

Write your message and spritz it with a few pumps of your favourite scent. To make the scent last longer, you can do this a night prior and leave the spritzed card in a plastic bag overnight. This helps the scent to properly fuse within every inch of the card. Scenting cards adds a personal touch taking the gesture to a whole extra level.

DIY Car freshener

Shift some of your perfume in a smaller bottle or buy a travel size to use it as an emergency car freshener! You can even spray your favourite scent on tissues and leave them under car seats to keep your car smelling fresh and nice with a lingering scent of your favourite perfume!

Trash Odour Eliminator

One of the major odour generating item at home is trash and sometimes it is hard to get rid of that smell. Drench a tissue with perfume spritz and place it at the bottom of your trash can and then place the trash bag over it. Voila! No more stenchy trash!

Indulge in a scented bath

A long, relaxing bath at the end of a tiresome day is just the right thing to ease out the stress. Make your bath even more indulgent with spraying Wild Stone Ultra sensual Perfume in your tub before starting the water. The perfume has lavender top notes that are known to relax body and brain, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and scented.

Reuse and reduce

Don’t throw away those exquisite looking glass bottles when the perfume is over! Instead you can reuse them to make crafts, or use as a spare in your car by filling it with a little bit of your favourite perfume.

What are you waiting for? Scent up your life in more than just one way!

Which tricks are you going to try out? Comment down below!
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