Make your perfume last longer

Make the most of your fragrance and not let it vanish in just a few minutes. Wild stone observed ways you can make your scent linger on and smell good all day long.

1. Store them in right place

If you want your expensive fragrances to last longer, make sure you store them in the right place. Keep the bottles away from light, heat-as this can affect your perfume’s quality. Try to store them in cool, dry places and away from the windows.

2. Apply after shower

Apply fragrance right after the shower. This will help to make the fragrance last longer, as the skin’s moisture will absorb the scent better.

3. Know Your Pulse Points

Your pulse points are certain areas on your body which emit heat. Spraying those selective spots with perfume ensures that it diffuses the scent all over the body. These spots are your wrists, neck, midriff and inside of your elbow. Also spritz behind your knees and calves to keep the fragrance flowing upward throughout the day.

4. Don’t Rub

Many have the habit of instantly rubbing their wrists together once perfume has been sprayed on. Stop that habit as rubbing breaks down the fragrance and causes its top notes to disappear faster than they should.

5. Vaseline To The Rescue

If you find yourself overly greasy and unable to retain any sort of fragrance for more than 10 minutes, turn to Vaseline. Apply just a smidgen of it on your pulse points, massage it onto your skin and then proceed to spritz yourself with perfume over it. As petroleum jelly is a wonderful moisture shield, it will encourage your fragrance blend to last longer.

6. Apply on the hair too

You can also use fragrance on your hair for better results. But make sure you don’t apply the fragrance directly, as few alcohol-based scents can damage hair. Look for specific fragrances designed for hair or just spray your regular one on the hairbrush before running it through your hair.

7. Scent your clothes too

Love the smell of fragrance on your clothes? Just spray your favorite scent on few tissue papers and keep them in-between your clothes, this will make your clothes lightly scented

8. Look for stronger notes

While buying a perfume for men choose the right scent for better longevity. While buying, look for stronger notes like vanilla, patchouli and musk that last longer.
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