Stay Away from Stubble Trouble – Shaving tips 101

Shaving, The word brings back a lot of memories, right? Learning how to do it the first time from your dad, the cuts and scars along the way and discovering which look you like? While you may have learnt the art of shaving from your dad, there are still some steps to ace. It's time to play catch up and learn some tricks up your sleeve.

Here's the step-by-step guide to getting that perfect shave!

Step 1 – Prep time!

While many might consider shaving as just a mundane task to get the hair off your face, it's really important to understand the harm that just soap and blades would do to the hair and skin on your face. Hence, experts recommend prepping your skin before shaving. 

Wash your face with a cleanser or face wash. We recommend using warm water to open up the skin pores. This helps the skin breathe more efficiently and reduces the chances of ingrown hairs and bumps.

Pro tip: Use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and soften the skin. 

Step 2 – Blade away!

What do you tell the person who urges you to use any blade? Not today! Choosing the right blade and cleaning it properly without making contact with the skin is important.

Bonus: Experts recommend using an electric razor for sensitive skin. If you are not an electric fan, the next best bet is multi-blade razors.

Step 3 – Lather up with the right!

It's important to understand that one needs to understand their skin type to use specific products for prepping.

For example,

Men with dry or sensitive skin can use more hydrating gels than their counterparts.

Men with oily skin can opt for Wild Stone Shaving Cream – Ultra Sensual and Hydra Energy variants, as they are more lather-forming. This help get the blade cut closer to the skin, giving a polished look.

While men with normal skin can opt for gels or creams, choosing the one with hydrating ingredients that don't leave your skin feeling dry afterwards is essential.

Bonus: Apply the shaving cream upward to lift hairs. This technique results in a smoother, more close-cut shave.

It's time to lather up and shave. Make sure to cut as closely as possible using the Wild Stone Shaving Brush with gentle strokes. Keep dipping the blade in hot water to avoid product and hair build-up.

Step 4 – The aftermath of a shave! 

While you might be doing everything right, ensuring the skin is moisturized even after the shave is essential. Keep the skin nourished and hydrated with Wild Stone Ultra Sensual After Shave Lotion. It is a mild and comforting aftershave lotion which soothes irritation and acts as an antiseptic to prevent breakouts and infections while nourishing the skin. Its excellent effect and minty fresh fragrance make you smell great after each shave.

To make your lives easier, we suggest getting a shaving kit like Wild Stone Shaving Kit for men, which has all your essentials in one place. 

Here we conclude with the ultimate smooth shaving guide for you. Follow the above pro tips and tricks to get that Bond looks in style! 

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