7 Easy Ways To Deal With Post Shaving Itchiness

Shaving is an essential act to become a perfectly groomed individual but it’s the constant itching and irritation that comes after which makes it really bothersome. This is caused due to dry skin, improper skincare or the use of a dull razor, which not only causes itching but also damages your skin and may even cause it to bleed. Don’t worry; Wild Stone is here to rescue you with some great suggestions on how to avoid itching and unwanted damage to your skin.

Here are 7 ways to deal with itchy and irritation post-shaving:

1. Take a shower before shaving

One of the main causes of itching after shaving is dry skin. So, before you pick that razor, take a quick shower, as it moistens the beard and hydrates your skin before shaving. Using a good shower gel like Wild Stone Edge Shower Gel will help you attain smoother and moist skin that has a sublime woody fragrance, making it one of the best ways to kick start your day with refreshing energy.

2. Use a multi-blade razor

This one goes without saying but we’re still going to say it! Using a multi-bladed razor is important since it is more precise than a single-blade razor or a dull razor. A single-blade razor can harm and cause cuts on your skin. To avoid such cuts, people with sensitive skin should use a multi-blade razor with shaving cream. Wild Stone Hydra Energy Shaving Cream helps moisturize your skin before shaving meanwhile carrying a citrusy/aquatic fragrance! This protects the skin from razor burn, softens the toughest beard and delivers a real clean shave with every stroke.

3. Get hydrating face wash

It’s essential to use a face wash that hydrates your skin because dry skin is an invitation for cuts and rashes. Hence use a perfect hydrating face wash like Wild Stone Edge Face Wash that helps rejuvenate and hydrate your skin and makes it smooth and keeps it smelling great!

4. Apply ice cubes

You’d be surprised to learn how pressing ice cubes on spots where the itch is, is considered to be one of the most effective home remedies. Applying pressure with ice on the itch provides slight relief and subdues the itch.

5. Use a good Aftershave lotion

With an array of aftershave lotions online it is important to choose the right aftershave, so it becomes essential to sift through the plethora of aftershaves online and find yourself the right one. A good aftershave lotion is Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Aftershave lotion; it cools the skin and gives instant relief. It is a gentle and soothing aftershave lotion, which soothes irritation and acts as an antiseptic to prevent breakouts and infections while nourishing the skin and its minty fresh fragrance makes you smell great after each shave.

6. Frequently moisturize

No one likes walking around looking like an ashy classroom chalkboard. With dry skin, using a good moisturizer and moisturizing your skin daily helps keep your skin from going dry ultimately saving your skin from itching and constant irritation.

7. Use Talcum Powder

A super absorbent Talc like Wild stone Hydra Energy talc is your best bet when stepping out in the heat, it gives lasting freshness, absorbs excess oil and sweat and gives off a great fragrance to keep you going charged up throughout the day.

As grooming and hygiene become crucial in times of covid-19, we need to try our best to keep our bodies safe and sound. Wild Stone provides you with all such options to keep you safe from such assailants and in this case keeping you from avoidable itching and irritation.

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