Wild Stone Shaving Range Introduction

For us men, shaving is an intimate topic of discussion as it involves ‘doing it in our way’. Whether your idea of shaving and shaving products for men is to find a shaving cream that lathers way too much and then swipe the hair off your skin with a razor and make it the most fruitful experience of your life like most Indian men prefer, or if you like going out of your way, get thrilled by a luxurious shaving experience encouraged by the extravagant advertisements and commercials and ultimately waste a lot of money in the process, both the two methods can be less practical when it comes to fulfilling the real purpose of shaving - first, to get the hair off your skin safely but ideally without any cuts and bumps, and second, to preserve the hydration of the face on your skin.

Worry not, for you might find the perfect shaving and grooming products for men with Wild Stone’s shaving range curated perfectly to give you the ultimate shaving experience. So, without further ado, let us introduce them to you. Here are the shaving essentials for men from none other than Wild Stone’s grooming and shaving range:

Shaving Brush

Luxuriously designed with ultra-sensitive and super absorbent bristles for achieving that perfect shaving experience, along with gentle glides onto the surface of your skin to achieve the ideal finesse of thick lather with the shaving cream so that the razor glides onto the skin seamlessly with ease and takes off all the hair with perfection. Wild Stone’s shaving products for men, especially the shaving brush, are curated to achieve that perfect smooth shave. The better news is that it has a long shelf life, and the compact bristles won’t even come off after every use. Therefore, we think it is just the perfect must-have in your kit of grooming products for men.

Shaving Cream

The shaving creams from Wild Stone shaving products for men come in two variants - Wild Stone Hydra Energy Shaving Cream and Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Shaving Cream. Wild Stone Hydra Energy Shaving Cream is made mainly to soften even the toughest beards when you slather on the cream and boom! All your hair comes off in just a minute. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Shaving Cream is curated for that burst of fragrance into your shower, which then almost melts your beard hair the moment you apply it and gives a fragrant yet close shave. It is undoubtedly one of Wild Stone’s most loved shaving products for men.

After Shave Lotion

All you need as a man to complete your shaving kit is a brush, shaving cream, and then finish off with an after-shave lotion. Wild Stone added the perfect addition to the last product of this kit with its Ultra Sensual After Shave lotion, which not only locks in the moisture of your skin but also prevents bacterial outgrowth. So there you have it - a fresh, comfortable, smooth shave with radiant and youthful-looking skin.

What more do we men need to complete our shaving experience?

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