Grooming kit 101: Its a trim-must-tree for this Christmas

The festive time is ringing, and the time we show our appreciation towards people we care about. What better thing than showcasing it with a memorable gift? Christmas is around the corner, and it also makes up for a great time to send gifts to the men in your life and thank them in your way. We don’t want you to wander looking for that perfect gift! Here’s why: we got you something that will make it for the occasion and will also be helpful in their day-to-day routine - the Wild Stone Grooming 101 Kit for Men. This shaving set for men does it all. Believe us when we say this Christmas gifts for men is bound to be appreciated.

Here are five reasons why this shaving set for men is a perfect choice for a Christmas gift for men:

  • It has 7 Wild Stone grooming products for men
  • All of these products are at par with quality
  • It comes with a travel-friendly pouch, keeping you organised
  • This shaving set is handy and slips into your bag seamlessly
  • It includes a FREE Razor

Let us explore what all this Christmas gift for men has:

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Shaving Cream

This cream softens the toughest beard with its rich lather to give you that perfect close shave in every stroke. To speak of fragrance, it's ultra-masculine.

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual After Shave Lotion

Made to soothe your skin after shaving, this lotion keeps your skin smooth and moisturised. It comes with an irresistible fragrance. 

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Deodorant

This everyday deodorant for men has zesty and fresh notes with a woody charm that makes for a powerful fragrance. Feel your casual best with this deodorant.

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Shaving Brush

Created with super fine and durable bristles, it spreads the shaving cream evenly on the beard and makes the razor glide easily in each stroke.

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Soap

Infused with ultra-sensual fragrance, this soap cleanses without removing natural oils. It gives out a generous lather while nourishing the skin.

Grooming Pouch

A handy pouch that effortlessly carries all these grooming products for men. This bag is a great travel partner as it easily makes its way into your luggage.


This FREE razor completes the grooming kit. It glides easily on your face, giving you a smooth shave every single time.

This all-in-one shaving set for men will become an absolute favourite in no time. The quality products in this go-to product from Wild Stone easily make up for a great Christmas gifts for men. Get your hands on this shaving set today!

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