Male Grooming Myths Busted!

Ahhh, too many rules for male grooming, aren’t it, dear men? We feel you. From shaving products for men to the ultimate grooming package for men promising to bring out the glow of a lifetime in you, there is no end to such confusion. Sadly, the markets are loaded with too many deceptive products. The list of ineffective, unscientific facts and myths about male grooming is never-ending and circulating freely all over the internet. Similarly, people are taking inspiration from such ideas and getting zero results.

More tension about getting the correct information and busting these myths regarding male grooming? With Wild Stone Fragrances, we have got your back. Worry not, young lads; no one can dull your sparkle while we bust the most common myths related to men grooming.

Here are the top 5 myths related to male grooming of all time:

The more the shaving cream, the smoother the shave

Well, incorrect! The correct shaving cream will give you the closest shave possible without spending many products for yourself. This is what Wild Stone’s Shaving Cream and the Shaving products for men do for you. You need a dollop of development, and you get the most luxurious lather and the smoothest shave of your dreams. So be wiser next time, dear men, and choose the right product. 

Never shave every day. You grow a thicker beard after.

Again, genuinely incorrect! This is one of the most typical myths ever heard, right men? Well, pay no attention to it then. The truth about this myth is straightforward - you shave and take your facial hair off; how will it grow if you take it off? So shave as much as you want with Wild Stone’s Shaving products for men and envision your true masculinity.

Apply the highest SPF just once, and you’ll never have a tan.

Literally, what a joke of grooming advice for men! The highest SPF never matters as much as the frequency of application of the SPF on your skin matters, okay? Say it louder! Suppose you apply an SPF 60 with PA+++ once in the morning and expect to hustle throughout the day without application; sorry, men. In that case, you will get tanned and, in the long run, damage your skin by exposing it to UV rays. So get an SPF 30 if you please, and keep applying it after every 2-3 hours and see your skin radiating the healthy, youthful glow.

Only expensive perfumes smell expensive

Oh really? Have you tried our Wild Stone Fragrances for men yet? Try them; you are going to change your opinion. From notes of masculine Lemon, Patchouli, Musk, and Bergamot to establish your true powerful masculinity to softening your personality up into divinity with Sandalwood, Juniper berries, Rosemary, Vanilla, and many other exquisite, extravagant, lush-smelling top, heart and base notes, our Wild Stone Fragrances are the king of masculine fragrances. And you get them at a very affordable price. So beware, once you invest in one of our perfumes, you never stop.

Since I loved it, you’ll love it too

We’re talking about fragrances here. And so we are also telling our men that each fragrance smells differently on everyone! Whaaaat? Yes, it is. How a perfume will smell on your body depends on your skin type and body odour, and sometimes the bacterial outbreak also masks the fragrances of your perfumes. Therefore, it smells differently for everyone.

To escape this situation, we recommend you try various variants of our Wild Stone Fragrances and see what suits you the best throughout the day.

We have busted all the grooming myths for men circulating the internet. So men, time to unfold your divine masculinity. I hope you’re ready to rule now. We know you are. 

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