Grooming Faux Pas You must never Commit

Okay, men, we at Wild Stone Fragrances have a question for you - how do you handle your favourite grooming products for men? What is the faux pas in grooming that you continue to make even to this day? Okay, hold on, do not cancel us out because you think you have no idea what ‘Faux Pas’ means, so you conclude that the article is not for you.

Let us explain. ‘Faux Pas’ simply means grooming mistakes that people usually make. These common mistakes are associated with grooming and hinder you from maintaining a manly lifestyle as a man. So now you must see why this article is definitely for you because, at the end of this article, we bet that you have been making one of these mistakes and stopping yourself from being the most groomed man you deserve. So hold on to us as we explain the top 5 grooming Faux Pas that you must never commit as a man:

1. Shaving before showering

Okay, raise your hands if you have been guilty of making this common Faux Pas in grooming. Most of us here have started shaving in this way, and oh god, that is such a blunder. Your beard skin is supposed to be tough, and your beard hair is hard and dry, and just a splash of water will not soften your cuticles and ensure a smooth shave. You are also subjecting yourself to more cuts and burns eventually.

So listen to us, the only way to tackle this problem is first to shower well and let your beard get its sweet time to soften itself, and then only shave with grooming products for men from Wild Stone Fragrances to ensure the smoothest, hassle-free shave.

2. Perfume on dry skin

Ahh, will you also raise your hands again for committing this mistake? No worries, it happens. After all, we at Wild Stone Fragrances are here with this article to tell you what exactly to do. So listen up; first, take a shower, preferably with lukewarm water to allow better penetration of the perfume, and then right after you come out of the shower, spray your perfume and see it last all day long. Men, this is how you handle the favourite grooming products for men. 

3. “The more the hair gel, the better

No, sir, this is not true. Hair gels need to be used adequately for your hair to hold its shape, but you must do it sparingly. Your gorgeous hair will end up looking like a stiff brick. So emulsify the desired amount of hair gel on your palm, section your hair, and then apply the hair gel evenly. Also, remember, the key to a natural-looking hair day with hair gel is when you apply the gel on soaked-up, wet hair. 

Shop Wild Stone’s grooming products for men (hair gel edition) for a natural-looking, super hold gel.

4. Hygiene first!

Sure, perfumes and good clothes look good, but your commitment to hygiene peeks through for the people who come near you! So before you apply perfume, apply a deodorant. Before you apply hair gel, shampoo and condition your hair, and before you shake hands with your employees, trim your nails. Hygiene counts at every step of your life. And a hygienic man is an attractive man. So before you spend money on thousands of grooming products for men, commit some time to hygiene first.

5. Forgetting about grooming once you are outside

Grooming yourself outside is as necessary as grooming yourself inside the house. Let’s face the facts, men - our ironed clothes are not going to look ironed for a very long time after we have left for work, our hair gel will not hold as good as it did before, and we will not smell as luxurious after 4 hours of applying the perfume. While you have no instant fixes to the first two, Wild Stone’s pocket perfumes for men can fix the last one. You carry one wherever you go, and you always smell as good as new. Incredible.

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