7 Grooming Mistakes that Women want Men to avoid

There can be multiple reasons women may get mad at you but her getting mad at you for your grooming habits is the last thing you want to be worried about. Don’t let her attraction die. Simple hacks and fixes are all you need to not let her lose interest in you. Plus, it’s always better to look presentable.

Here are 7 attraction killers that men make that woman want you to know:

Ensure you always smell good

This one you should know by now and it's something you need to stay on top of all the time. So, tip no.1 is to try brushing your teeth two times (minimum) a day, use a mouthwash/ mouth freshener before important dates and keep the mint strips handy. 

Unkempt Hair

Now, if you do not have hair like shah rukh khan, it’d be advisable to keep your hair nicely combed and clean. Some people can pull off the get-out-of-bed look but if you are not one of those people, it's time to buy a hairbrush, a nice gel to attain that sharp look.

Fight Body Odour

You must smell nice to be memorable and leave a good impression. To smell really impressive try a good quality fragrance like Wild Stone Ultra-Sensual Perfume and set the mood for the evening. A bold masculine expression of charm, Ultra Sensual Perfume blends the citrusy, spicy and woody notes to offer a sublime long-lasting fragrance that she won’t be able to resist the pull.

Well-groomed nails

Most Men like being outside and are ready to get their hands dirty, but that does not mean a nail trimmer is out of the question. Keep your nails clean and trimmed because it is a healthy habit to have and you will not be popular with long and dirty nails. 

Shabby Beard

This one is debatable; some women like men with long and thick beards while some prefer them clean shaved. But all of them agree that a shabby and unkempt beard can be a huge turn-off. So even if you decide to keep a long beard it’s a nice idea to keep it clean and in a well-styled shape. For a nice clean shave use good quality shaving products like Wild Stone Ultra-Sensual Shaving Range that contains shaving cream, a shaving brush, and aftershave lotion and experience a true Wild Stone shaving experience.

Be careful of your Dandruff

Most people do not know about this one, but women do notice if you have dandruff and do not wash your hair regularly. So next time be careful and get a good shampoo and conditioner to take care of your hair. 

Avoid Smelly Socks

Smelly socks go unnoticed. Smelly Socks are definitely one of the most repulsive things that men do but are not aware of. Always wear clean washed socks, keep multiple pairs and change your socks frequently.

And most importantly, learn to dress well. Stay well, look well and you will manifest nothing but attention and noticeability. While, dressing and grooming are essential make sure you wear Wild Stone amazing fragrance to smell fantastic all the time, dressing well and smelling great is an ultimate sign of a perfectly groomed man.
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