5 Grooming trends that will make a mark this year!

Gone are the days when fashion and self-care pertained to women only; nowadays, men are breaking the stereotypical norms and making it their priority to take care of themselves in terms of grooming, as it is one of the essential elements of upgrading your persona and leaving a positive impression wherever you go. 

2023 was no less than a rollercoaster ride. It also marked a busy year for fashion enthusiasts, with an introduction of astonishing trends. It resulted in the hype of specific grooming trends that continued this year and are a game-changer. Grooming covers every aspect of your personality; it incorporates decent habits in your lifestyle, boosts confidence, enhances hygiene and makes you stand out.

Here are five of the best grooming trends of this year: 

1. Long hairstyles

The lockdown guidelines restricted us from staying home and not stepping out, even for salons. While many actors shared their quarantine diaries- baking cakes or exercising sessions on social media, one thing that grabbed all the attention was their long hairstyles. From handsome hunk Kartik Aryan to fitness freak Milind Soman many actors dig this hairstyle and flaunt them like a pro. Loose curls or layered waves, long hairstyles are undoubtedly one of the most loved grooming trends of the year.

PS - remember to take proper care and add a shiny effect to your hair with a friendly hair gel.

2. Body care routine

We know being locked up at home for over a year has made you lazy, folks, but it's necessary to maintain a healthy body care routine to have a radiating look. Washing your face twice a day with a face wash tops the list; Wild Stone offers a hydrating face wash and body wash according to your skin type. Wild Stone Edge face wash is one of the best face washes for men, suitable for all skin types; it deeply cleanses off dirt, oil, and impurities and smooths your skin. 

3. Smell good, Feel good

It is rightly said that 'people may forget how you look, but they will never forget how you smell.' Summer is right around the corner, with all the sweat, humidity and body odour it brings. It is necessary to stock your closet with some marine aromatic perfumes that kill the odour and keep you fresh and rejuvenated all day long. Wild Stone Hydra Energy perfume is one of the best perfume for men as choices for long-lasting refreshing energy, giving the cool breezy sensation one craves on a scorching summer day.

4. Bearded beast

A French beard, stubble or clean shaved, your choice of beard needs proper care. Irritated by the bumps and painful acne you experience after shaving? Don't worry. We've got you covered; for a hassle-free experience, include Wild Stone Ultra Sensual shaving cream that creates a rich, creamy lather to prevent any itchiness and irritation while shaving and Ultra Sensual Aftershave lotion, which soothes irritation and acts as an antiseptic to prevent breakouts and infections while nourishing and moisturizing your skin perfectly.

5. Skincare Sundays

We know how hectic your schedules are, but taking a break from the workload and pampering your skin should be an unavoidable practice; your skin will be thankful. Sipping coffee by the window, jamming to your playlist, putting a sheet mask or a face pack on and reading your favourite book can be relaxing and one of the best self-care practices.

These trends are a life saviour and will elevate your style perfectly, try them on and serve jaw-dropping looks. Many trends come and go, but some trends instil decent habits and bring the best out of you.

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