Date Night Grooming Guide For Men

Congratulations, our man has got a date. The day’s extra special today. So, as a man looking forward to getting a date ready, there’s a lot of work to do. And thank god you have found the right blog just in time.

Therefore, as the saviour of every man looking forward to styling themselves for any occasion, Wild Stone has come up with the two essentials to date night grooming guide for men who are as powerful and dashing as you. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

The two essentials of every man looking forward to getting a date ready:

Hair Gel for Men

It is a date, and you’ll meet the girl who has stolen your heart. We’re as excited about the occasion as you are. And on this occasion, we shall never allow our man to go with crusty-looking hair, hair strands all over the face owing to extreme road pollution and dusty air. What can save your hair and give you the macho, sleek look or whatever on-earth style you want for your hair? A hair gel. That is precisely why hair gel for men is a must-have if you are going out for a date. Groomed hair speaks volumes about your character and personality and is an instant charm for your girl.

How to Use:

Hair gels are very easy to use. But they are not your regular shampoos and conditioners. There are ways you use a hair gel for men which gives you perfectly groomed, long-lasting, and tamed hair. 

1. Apply on clean hair

Unclean hair won’t save you, no matter what. Shampoo and condition first. That is how you prepare the base of your hair and allow the hair gel to create hold and preserve longevity. In contrast, messy hair will not even allow the hair gel to work effectively because it is laden with dust and dirt. Therefore, the gel will never stick to your hair strands but to the grime and oil of your hair.

2. Apply on wet hair

do not let your hair dry out first, and then put tons of gel on your hair to wet it and simultaneously create hold. Moisture helps with better absorption. So, come out of the shower, make sure your hair is wet, and apply your hair gel.

3. Little is more

do not be thrilled by commercials of men scooping out a hand full of hair gel to achieve a perfect hair day. Too much gel looks tacky and is easily identified by the bare eye. Instead, take a teaspoon amount, rub it all over your hand, take sections of your hair, and then apply it in the direction of the style that you’re looking to achieve. 

Perfumes for men

If you’re a fan of Wild Stone Fragrances, you would know that no date is completely ready without good perfumes for men. We at Wild Stone keep stocking and restocking only for our men to look date ready every day and whenever they want. Today, too, we have a handful of perfumes for men to offer to you.

Good perfumes are the gateway to defining masculinity and the power of a macho man. And that is why women are instantly attracted to men who smell good. So always take advantage of a good perfume when you step out on a date. And keep a pocket perfume from Wild Stone handy in case you need one. 

How to Use:

Yes, some efforts go into making a perfume smell its best and for it to last for hours. It would be a shame if your perfume fades right when you enter to meet with the woman of your dreams, right? Well, not with perfumes for men by Wild Stonewhich have an incredible potential for longevity and will last you for many hours if you know how to apply the perfume correctly.

The complete guide on how to apply Wild Stone’s perfumes for men is here: The Do’s and Dont’s of Applying a Perfume.

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