Top 5 Date Night Perfumes for Men

Are you going on a date this week? Wondering how to impress your date? Don’t know how to create a lasting first impression on your first date? If these are the worries that keep you awake at night, it is time you let the expert help you! Here are top 5 Wild Stone deodorants for an unforgettable date night!

Wild Stone Night Rider Deodorant

Perfect for the upcoming winter night dates, this scent is sure to fetch you a second date and maybe even a third! Citrusy top notes with amber base make this one a masculine fragrance, best for parties and outdoor settings! Best suited for traditional yet chic men, this one unleashes the real man inside you! Remember to dab and not rub the deodorant on your pulse points along with applying on your body!

Wild Stone Ultra-sensual Deodorant

If sexy and romantic is your vibe then this fresh fragrance is a must try. This fresh fragrance with top notes of mint and lavender create a scent that is sure to get you noticed. Base notes of cedarwood and amber make sure that the fragrance lingers for a long time, thus reducing the need for re-applications!  Tip: Spritz the deodorant on your pulse points to make it stay longer!

Wild Stone Red Deodorant

Do you describe yourself as a naughty and playful person? Then this fruity fragrance is just what you need to enhance your personality on the date night! Fresh notes of pineapple and lemon keep you feeling fresh for a long time. It is an eccentric blend with a hint of sensuality and a lot of quirk. Get ready to make a haughty first impression with this one! Rub a little Vaseline on your pulse points and then apply deodorant to make it last longer!

Wild Stone Intense Black Deodorant

It is time to let the inner dominant persona shine on your date night with the Wild Stone Intense Black deodorant. Deep, sensual and dazzling, this exquisite fragrance is the perfect match for alpha males! With natural oils of mandarin, lemon and tangerine along with musk and cedarwood base notes, this one is the perfect touch to a sophisticated date night look! Try layering this signature scent along with a milder one and create your own custom fragrance – perfect way to stand out in the crowd!

Wild Stone Classic Musk Deodorant

With heart notes of jasmine, this one’s for men who are lovers of all things classic. Sport the timeless elegance of musk base notes with this one. Now, what’s manlier than that! What more? If you are a person who loves to steal the show subtly, then this fragrance will just do that for you! It is important to store the deodorant away from sunlight if you do not want it to degrade over time. Make sure to store your collection in a closed cabinet.

Nail your date night with these Wild Stone deodorants!

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