From Myths to Masterclass: Understanding Perfumes the Right Way

Every fragrance has a story, from its origins and connections with famous personalities to its evolution and trends through the ages. But there's more to the world of fragrances than meets the nose.

According to a popular myth, some believe stronger perfumes are expensive and better. At the same time, another one has made people believe that refrigerating perfumes makes them stronger. Weird, right?

Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of perfumes and debunk some of the most common myths about perfumes for men.

Myth #1: The costlier, the better!

This myth has got all of us splurging! A widely-held myth suggests that the more expensive a perfume is, the better its quality. But the truth is, price doesn't always guarantee a better scent. Many affordable perfumes can make you feel fantastic without breaking the bank. High-priced perfumes often reflect brand value and rare ingredients, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll love them.

Myth #2: Perfumes exhibit the same fragrance on every skin type

Again a prevalent myth about perfumes. Every individual has a unique body and skin type, making all perfumes have a different fragrance on them. Factors like gender, age, weather, and personal hygiene influence how a perfume interacts with your individual chemistry, resulting in a different fragrance experience for each person.

Myth #3: The best way to apply perfume is to air spray it

Did it hurt? We feel you if you are a perfume lover like us. Why waste it in the air? Perfume has to be in direct contact with the skin for it to be applied properly and stay. The air spraying method of applying perfume doesn't allow you to take control of the skin areas where it is applied, like the preferable pulse points. So, this myth is something you need to stop believing in immediately.

Myth #4 Perfumes come with an expiry date

Well, the truth is there is no standardized expiry date for perfumes. They can survive for a good 3-5 years if stored properly. However, if you notice any change in their fragrance, color, and consistency, you must stop using it.

Myth #5 Rubbing it on your wrists will make it stay longer

Rubbing your wrist after spritzing your favorite Wild Stone fragrance will not make it stay longer. On the contrary, this will cause friction, making the top notes fade away quickly. So, if you want your scent to linger, skip the wrist-rubbing ritual.

Now that you're in the know about these myths about perfume for men, you can flaunt this knowledge among your friends.

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