Let's Bust Some Deodorant Myths!

The way you smell defines whether you leave a lasting impression or become a distant memory. And we are sure that you don’t want to become a distant memory for your date. Here’s where deos help you! Deodorants are the ultimate saviors for bad odours but recently, there have been a lot of myths about deodorants that have been doing rounds around the town. But, are these beliefs actually the reality? Let’s shed some light here and bust some of the most common deodorant myths!

Myth 1 - Deodorants cause underarm darkening

A lot of people feel that using a deodorant makes their underarms darker. But the fact is, darker underarms can result from shaving, scratching or any other skin problems. That said, you can choose deodorant without worrying about anything. While there are a lot of deodorants for men in India from different houses of brands that you can choose from, Wild Stone deodorants make sure that the only thing that people notice about you is the impact the deodorant leaves on them.

Myth 2 - Deodorant causes skin irritation

Let’s clear this once and for all since this is one of the main reasons which stop people from using deodorants. In reality, skin allergies or any skin problems may lead to skin irritation and it’s not the fault of the deodorant! We suggest visiting a dermatologist in case you are experiencing skin irritation.

Myth 3 - Deodorant stains your clothes

While it is common to spot faded areas in a t-shirt around armpits, deodorant is not responsible for this. This discolorations happens due to the accumulation of salts from your sweat in these areas. If you have sweaty underarms, Wild Stone is the brand for you. Crisp summer-y fragrances like Wild Stone Edge Deo prevent you from sweating excessively and leave you and your t-shirt feeling fresh and crisp!

Myth 4 - Deodorants leave the skin feeling sticky

If deodorant is leaving your skin sticky, it is probably not because of the deodorant itself but the amount that you apply. Instead of overusing the product, try to use Wild Stone deo two - three times a day. Using a deodorant frequently during summers can also help curb the bacteria build-up, preventing you from infections. Because the only thing that you should attract is some attention! 

Myth 5 - The best time to apply deodorant is in the morning

Deodorants are made to combat sweat and body odour and in case you didn’t notice, humans can sweat any time! So, we recommend using the Wild Stone deo multiple times throughout the day to keep sweat at bay and be ready to get noticed. You can apply the deodorant just before stepping out of the house to get most of its benefits. After all, the fragrance would reach faster than you to your destination and we don't want you to have any odour mishaps on that first date or an important client meeting!

If you have been putting off using deodorant for any of the above-mentioned myths, it is time to change that! Get ready to be the talk of the town with Wild Stone's deodorants for men in India. Whether it is the struggle with sweaty underarms or the constant bad odour, we have got a deodorant for each of your concerns. Choose from the wide range of Wild Stone deodorants and slay your next occasion!

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