6 Gifts Ideas for Your Superhero to Give This Father's Day

Father is the backbone of the family. He plays a prominent role in raising a family through selfless efforts and unconditional love. He never prioritizes himself to keeping his children's needs first. When asked what gift he wants, he replies, "I don't want anything, don't spend money carelessly. Instead, buy something important for yourself". Typical Indian dads! Father's Day is just around the corner, and you're wondering what to give him. Think no more; we have come up with six unique and practical father's day gift ideas that are readily available and budget-friendly.

These 6 Father's Day gift ideas for your real-life superhero will make him smile from the heart.

For the Dad who loves to Groom

Did you get your good looks from your dad? `He is the epitome of charm who loves to groom and look well-maintained. Gift him Wild Stone Father Gift Set - a gift pack collection of Ultra Sensual deodorant, after-shave lotion, shaving cream and shaving brush. This set is apt for dads who love to enjoy every occasion's spark and relish every moment.

For Adventurous Dad

If your dad's life revolves around the passion of travelling? Then this Wild Stone gift is for him. This gift set captures the essence of two modern duos of Wild Stone's Forest Spice fragrance wrapped as a perfume and a deodorant, an exceptional gift for your dad. This fragrance's woody, spicy freshness compliments his adventurous spirit and keeps him fresh and energetic the whole day. 

For Cool Dad

The cool and refreshing fragrance of Hydra Energy deodorant and perfume is perfect for the most incredible Cool Dad, which helps in uplifting your mood within seconds. These Wild Stone fragrances assure serenity and composure for untroubled dads. Exuding freshness with every whiff, this fragrance is suitable to wear in the office. 

For Stylish Dad

Certain things get better with age, like your dad, who aged like a fine wine. If your dad loves styling and playing the sartorial game? So these Wild Stone fragrances are the best gift you could give him.

Wild Stone's gift of Edge deodorant and Edge perfume is as versatile as your dad's. Crafted for stylish and high-spirited men, the refreshing aroma of this fragrance gets you noticed, leaving an unforgettable remark everywhere you go. 

For an Old Classic Lover Dad

Heard the quote "Old is gold"? If your father is an old classic lover, this Wild Stone Father gift set can do the magic. A combination of three variant fragrances - Classic Cologne, Leather and Musk deodorant is curated for your dynamic dad. This set of fragrances ticks off the three segments of a perfect deodorant: a refreshing, rich scent, long-lasting impact and oriental exotic aroma to vibe with the elegant aura of your dad. 

For Scent Lovers

How much perfume is too much perfume? To maintain the zeal of your dad to collect divergent fragrances, it's wise to give him a collection of Wild Stone fragrances that contains Wild Stone Edge perfume, Ultra Sensual perfume, Forest Spice perfume and Hydra Energy perfume. These fragrances are suitable for different occasions varying from luxurious house parties to office meetings to casual dinner nights. Store these fragrances, and your dilemma of purchasing various best products will end forever. 

Remember to hug your dad first and express how much you value and love him by gifting the best suitable gift from Wild Stone's vast collection of gift hampers.

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