5 Iconic Sportsmen That Stand For Style

Style is not something you wear but something that you own. Style is an attitude that you can wear everywhere you go. It does not matter what your profession is, as Style is something that belongs solely to you and only you. Talking about owning, it is essential that a sportsman holds his sport and practically breathes it to ace it.

Seldom do people believe that sports and Style do not go well together as the existence of one might bar the presence of another. But let’s take a look at 5 of the trendiest sportsmen nailing the style game this year and how they have become a source of style inspo for millions of youths worldwide.

Cristiano Ronaldo

He’s the walking inspiration of all the handsome hunks out there. This Portugal-born footballer is seen rocking some really sleek, slim-fit suits. His signature high boots with all his outfits make his Style chic and masculine. No wonder he’s a heartthrob among the ladies!

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Wild Stone Sportsmen Blog Cristiano Ronaldo

Michael Jordan

Well, his surname has revolutionised the sneaker industry. If there is someone who is a synonym for Style in today’s time, it is him. He is the flag bearer of what is called a vintage vibe. T-shirt sets pressed tennis attire and boxy suits – all styles he brought into fashion. The basketball legend is admired by youth for his sports spirit on the field and Style off the field. This just proves how sportsmen are trendsetters in today’s age.

Wild Stone Sportsmen Blog Michael Jordan

Lewis Hamilton

Be it racetracks or red carpets, he has the power to slay it everywhere. With 5 world titles on his name, this F1 driver is known to rock it all – from slim suits to trendy streetwear. A legend indeed!

Wild Stone Sportsmen Blog Lewis Hamilton

Mike Tyson

He patented the baggy sweat trend and has been carrying it all this while. Be it floor-length furs or leather dungarees, this boxing champ can pull it off all! Certainly, these looks make him the favourite among the gen z of the world. Also, let’s not forget his strict routine and a healthy lifestyle are something everyone should be aiming for.

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Wild Stone Sportsmen Blog Mike Tyson

Roger Federer

We would fall short of words while describing this one’s style statement because there are not enough words to define his grace and elegance. While many have discussed his game, more have discussed his sense of fashion. Charming as ever, this tennis player is always the effortlessly chic one in the room. His Style is not panicky. He likes to keep it casual yet stylish every time! Be it turtlenecks or tuxedos, he knows to carry it all! No shocker that this tennis legend has been on the covers of several magazines like GQ and Vogue, to name a few.

Wild Stone Sportsmen Blog Roger Federer

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