Best fragrances for men based on Zodiac Sign

The fragrances you wear are a silent best companion that speaks about your aura and personality. It’s not too surprising that selecting the right fragrance can seem like a daunting task, so here is a cheat sheet to help you through - with an interesting twist!

So, we are going to turn out to the stars for a little guidance on selecting the right fragrance for you. Here let’s see what your stars foretell about you and hence your signature scent. Whether you’re looking for a new favourite scent or looking for a gift, we have listed the best fragrance types for each zodiac sign.

1. Aries

You are arguably the most energetic and fearless sign of all. Too bold to like anything subtle, you need a fragrance that has a little kick, similar to the energetic notes in Wild Stone Red Deodorant. The citrusy fruity top with amber at the base quickly preps you up to set an energetic vibe.

2. Taurus

If you bottle the essence of the dependable Taurus, then Intense Neon is the perfect match for you. You feel attracted to the warm yet sensual aroma expressed as elegant, luxurious and masculine; this scent by Intense captures all your vibes. With a splash of citrus freshness combined with the soothing aroma of Bulgarian lavender, this scent is the perfect blend between tough and soft, a mix we know any Taurus man would appreciate!

3. Gemini

Experimental, charismatic, curious and charmingly energetic Gemini Men. Characterized by their love for woody, spicy scents, hence making, the perfect choice would be Woods by Intense. It is a bold, mystical and charming fragrance just like our Gemini man! With notes of amber, cardamom and vanilla, this scent combines the fun with the exploring nature of a Gemini who loves the outdoors and enjoys experimenting with new things.

4. Cancer

Cancer is an emotional, romantic and nurturing sign. Your keen sense of smell makes you the right fit for fresh, light, sophisticated fragrances. You will love a blend of citrusy fresh lily and musk notes of Hydra Energy perfume. This fragrance matches the Cancer guy’s need for a scent as calm and mature as they are, so with Wild Stone Hydra Energy perfume, you cannot go wrong.

5. Leo

Just like a lion, Leo’s are grand, confident and always in the centre of attraction. A bold, warm and luxurious fragrance just like Intense Trance suits you well. Its vibrant combination of fruity vibes with minty boldness is the best fit for a high-energy, active and outgoing lifestyle and ensures you stand out even more than you already do!

6. Virgo

Virgo men are practical, organized and kind. You prefer scents that are classic, warm clean, sensual, subtle, earthy and woody making Intense Black the right fit for you. Its amazing combination of Apple and flirty musk makes it smell warm, raw and sensual like the Virgo.

7. Libra

Libras are naturally creative and romantic; hence you naturally lean towards fragrances that are cheerful, balanced and tranquil with sensual undertones, which speak to the dreamy side of you. The best fit for you is Wild stone Beyond deo. Its clean, fresh and ultra-masculine fragrance balances out your day and keeps you in peace and harmony in everything.

8. Scorpio

If you are a Scorpio or (you knew someone) then you know that they are incredibly passionate, mysterious and sensual. Wild stone Ultra Sensual fragrance is as intense and sensual as scorpions are. The freshness of Basil and the intense notes of patchouli combine to create a scent that is seductive, mesmerizing and hence perfect for the Scorpio man.

9. Sagittarius

Adventurous, free-spirited and spontaneous that’s what Sagittarius is defined as. So when it comes to picking a fragrance, it’s best to stick with Wild stone Forest spice. Its woody earthy aroma with strong masculine fragrance awakes your adventurous spirits and brings you nature-like freshness that will never let you go unnoticed.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are ambitious, self-driven, self-controlled, organized, focused and sorted men. Typically the Capricorn man gets attracted to intense, warm and earthy fragrances that complement their personality, and hence Wild Stone Legend is the best fragrance for you. This citrus Fougere fragrance with a soft heart of vetiver and Ylang-ylang and the intense woody base note forms the ultimate scent for the Capricorn Man.

11. Aquarius

Your Cool, idealistic and Intellectual approach sets you apart. Your perfume should be as enticing and original as you are and Intense Ocean is perfect for it. With the freshness of bergamot and the confidence of cedarwood, to fill every day with lively fresh energy. A scent is as cool and progressive as you.

12. Pisces

Pisces- Super dreamy, highly creative, imaginative and emotionally sensitive, yes we are talking about Pisces here. Wild Stone Code Titanium is the best body perfume for Pisces. This Fresh oceanic, woody perfume with a fruity top and marine base makes you the winner on every occasion.

Whether an energetic Aries or a cool and sensitive Pisces, Wild Stone’s best men's fragrance range are there to compliment your personality and attitude in every aspect. Now you know about the fragrance you were born to like. Wild Stone fragrances have the best perfume for men. You are born to shine and let the right fragrances compliment your lifestyle.
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