Holi Essentials for Men

Can you sense the Holi spirit electrifying the atmosphere? Goodbye, dull winter days! It's time to welcome the colourful spring season and soak up the festive Holi vibes. And if you're looking to make this Holi extra amazing for yourself or the incredible men in your life, look no further! Wild Stone has Holi Combos that sell like hotcakes, so get them before they vanish. 

*Bonus - all come with an assortment of skin-friendly Holi colours

Holi Combo for Men (4 Perfumes - Edge, Ultra Sensual, Forest Spice, & Hydra Energy - 30 ml each)

This Holi pack for men is a powerhouse of four irresistible perfumes. Every scent packs a punch of enchanting notes, ensuring you sail through Holi celebrations - from sunup to sundown.

Wild Stone Edge Perfume (30ml)  - One spritz of this perfume, and you'll be the talk of the Holi grounds, adored by the ladies and revered by the gentlemen.

Top notes - Lemon, Green, Artemisia, Cedarwood

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume for men (30 ml) - This perfume best complements flirty gameplay. It amplifies your personality on the Holi battleground. 

Top notes - Lemon, rosemary, basil, lavender

Wild Stone Forest Spice Perfume (30 ml): This multi-charmer can win over romantic dates and thunderous applause in formal meetings. 

Top notes - bergamot, geranium, lemon, and plum

Wild Stone Hydra Energy Perfume for men (30 ml): For the #Wanderlust or the #gymfreak, this perfume is engineered to turbo-charge you instantly! 

Top notes - Lavender, orange, lemon, and bergamot

Shop now: https://www.wildstone.in/products/wild-stone-holi-gift-hamper-with-edge-ultra-sensual-forest-spice-and-hydra-energy-perfume-30ml-each

Holi Combo for Men (Ultra Sensual Perfume, 100 ml & Ultra Sensual Soap, 75 gm)

This unique Holi combo includes two of our most popular grooming products.

1. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume: 

The perfume is perfect for making a style statement or impressing a special someone on dates. 

Top notes: Lemon, Rosemary, Basil, & Lavender

2. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Soap: Indulge in a premium luxury bath with this soap after colour fights. Crafted with the finest Kokum butter, its woody aroma will follow you all day. 

Shop now: https://www.wildstone.in/products/wild-stone-holi-gift-hamper-with-ultra-sensual-perfume-100ml-and-ultra-sensual-soap-75gm

Holi Combo for Men (Intense Black No Gas Deodorant, 120 ml & Ocean No Gas Deodorant, 120 ml)

Wild Stone Intense Black No Gas Deodorant for men (120 ml): A shield for saving you from body odour and sweat from crazy Holi parties. Let your wild side out without holding back! 

Top notes - Grapefruit, Apple, Black Pepper

Wild Stone Ocean No Gas Deodorant for men (120 ml) 

This scent is the ultimate Jack of all trades. No matter the event, it fits like a bespoke suit, boosting your confidence to new heights!

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Neroli, Rosemary, and Pineapple

Shop now: https://www.wildstone.in/products/wild-stone-holi-gift-box-with-intense-black-and-ocean-no-gas-deodorant-120ml-each

Holi Combo for Men (Intense Black No Gas Deodorant, 120 ml & Hydra Energy Perfume, 50 ml)

This Holi Combo comes with the following: 

The Intense Black Deodorant is perfect for Holi after-parties and get-togethers. It lingers through the day and shields you from body odour and sweat. Feel fresh and energized without a pause! 

Top notes: Grapefruit, Apple, Black Pepper, Anise

The Hydra Energy Perfume is an instant confidence booster to tackle formal meetings. 

Top notes: Lavender, Orange, Lemon, & Bergamot

Shop now: https://www.wildstone.in/products/wild-stone-holi-gift-box-with-intense-black-no-gas-deodorant-120ml-and-hydra-energy-perfume-50ml

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