Holi Combo for Men (Ultra Sensual Perfume, 100 ml & Ultra Sensual Soap, 75 gm)
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Holi Combo for Men (Ultra Sensual Perfume, 100 ml & Ultra Sensual Soap, 75 gm)

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  • A combo set for him on the occasion of Holi.

  • Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume for men (100 ml) that’s perfect for making a style statement or romantic dates. Top notes: Lemon, Rosemary, Basil, & Lavender. Heart notes: Cardamom, Coriander, & Juniper. Base notes: Dry Amber, Moss, & Patchouli.

  • Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Soap for men (75 gm) that’s perfect for moisture retention & amazing fragrance. A premium soap made with Kokum butter. Leaves a long lasting intense woody fragrance.

  • assorted colours that are skin-friendly. A small and sweet gesture by Wild Stone to celebrate the vibrant spirit of Holi with you.

  • Directions to use Perfume: Spray the perfume 3 to 6 inches away from your skin, preferably inner wrist and neck.

  • Directions to use Soap: Wet the soap under shower before applying. Create a generous lather by rubbing the soap all over your body. Rinse off thoroughly.

  • Description & Quick Tips

    Colours in the air, happy cheers from the streets, Holi is here! Celebrate the vibrant spirit of this festival with Wild Stone Holi hampers. On Holi, we all run excitedly for the celebrations with just a shower of scent. The sacred routine of bath is kept on hold, rightfully, till the Holi celebrations are over. For such an occasion, what’s better than owning a box of amazing fragrances to get ready for the Holi party? Explore and chose Shop now and #RahoHoliReady.

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