7 Ways to feel Fresh all day long during Summer

The season of sweat, smelly armpits and slithering heat is here! While summer might be a favourite season with all the sunshine and beaches, it does its fair share of not-so-pleasant experiences.

Here are 7 ways to stay fresh all day during the scorching summers!

The power of the shower!

Never say no to showers! Showering twice or even thrice a day cools body temperature and will have to get the grease off your skin, keeping you fresh. Moreover, it has been proven that showering helps improve serotonin levels which in turn helps you relax and lifts your mood. Don’t forget to use Wild Stone ultra-sensual soap for deep body cleaning.

Keep body odour at bay!

Nobody wants to be the Smelly Cat from Phoebe Buffet’s songs, right? Get rid of smelly armpits and put your confident foot forward in every room you enter with Wild Stone Deodorants for men. If you like the serene freshness of marine, then Wild Stone Hydra Energy is the perfect deodorant to keep you fresh all day!

Tackle with talc!

Sweaty armpits? No more! Make it practice to apply talc on your underarms right after you shower. Applying talc right after showering makes the talc particles stick to the skin, preventing sweat, which also helps prevent body odour. Opt for a deo talc-like Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Deo Talc with dual benefits of – talc and a deodorant.

Non-sticky moisturizer FTW!

Let’s start with busting myths – summer doesn’t mean that you don’t require a moisturizer. Dermatologists suggest that non-sticky, lightweight moisturizers work best for hot summer months. They provide hydration and make skin supple without leaving it oily.

Keep that face wash handy!

Can’t you take showers time and again during the day? No worries, we have got you a solution. Carry facewash for a man, which is easily portable and has deep cleansing properties. One such facewash is the Edge Face wash by Wild Stone, with rice beads and jojoba extracts, which gently exfoliates the skin removing excess oil, dirt and dullness. It leaves you feeling skin hydrated and smooth – just what you need this summer!

Wet wipes - The on-the-go saviours!

For the travellers out there, wet wipes are the ultimate saviour. Carry a pack or two and use it 4-5 times a day to keep oil and dirt accumulation at bay. Easy to carry, no-fuss products, while wet wipes might not be the preferable option, it is still convenient when travelling where water supply is dubious at certain places.

Easy breezy fashion

While you may take all bodily precautions to avoid being stinky during summers, the choice of fabric in this scorching weather also makes a lot of difference to your perspiration rate. Light fabrics in neutral colours like cotton are preferred for summer drying. These lightweight fabrics allow the skin to breathe and enhance air circulation, reducing perspiration and sweating.

Well, we have to end it here but let us know what some of your summer hacks to freshness are this season!

Happy summer! 



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