Relive the Perfect Summer Holiday with these fragrances

Summers are the perfect time for getaways and road trips to exotic locations. The season brings the plush richness of local fruits and vegetables to their best. Don't worry if you are reminded of that perfect vacation when you read this. Here are the top 5 Wild Stone perfumes for men that will take you back to that perfect summer holiday destination! 

For the Beach Obsessed

Suppose you are a water baby, and your ideal summer dream is to relax and enjoy the beach's serene view. In that case, Wild Stone Hydra Energy deodorant is your best bet. It's the perfect body spray for men with lavender and orange top notes that feel like a fresh, invigorating splash of water on a hot sunny day. A whiff of this fragrance, and we are sure you will be teleported to that scenic sea beauty by the beach.

For the Adventure Seeker

Is Thrill your middle name? Are you one of those who love to indulge in adventure sports and choose vacay locations based on the adventures and experiences that the place provides? Then we have got you the best perfume for men Wild Stone Forest Spice perfume. With top notes of bergamot and base notes of vanilla and vetiver, its woody, spicy fragrance is for the adventure-seekers, and we are sure it will take you back to that bungee jump and the river rafting times! Put on Wild Stone Forest Spice and prepare for a day of adventure.

For the Mountain Trekker

Are you always dreaming about going to the mountains? A nature lover who loves heights and wouldn't mind a trek just for fun? We have found your fragrance match! Wild Stone Intense Woods no gas perfume is just the right fragrance to power up your day and make you feel like you are in a forest surrounded by woods. Woods's fresh, energising notes of spicy orange with cardamom and the calming notes of vanilla take you to the lush green forest and experience the true joy of nature's freshness. 

For the Multitasker

Edgy, contemporary and magnetic, Wild Stone Edge perfume for men complements the life of a modern man who is a multitasker and knows when to work and when to party. Suppose you are one of those who travel to foreign destinations for work or a holiday. In that case, this fragrance with zesty lemon tones and cedarwood base notes is your go-to. This fragrance will remind you of beautiful destinations with your most incredible adventures and party nights.

For the Romantic lover

Are romantic getaways your cup of tea? Then Wild Stone Ultra-Sensual deodorant is the perfect body spray for men. The freshness of mint, lavender and aromatic notes of patchouli create an eclectic enthusiasm that won't go unnoticed – neither by your lover nor the ladies in the room! Zesty, fresh notes with a woody charm build a powerful fragrance that will stir up the romantic lover in you and transit you back to that dreamy location.

Whatever your vacay mode is, Wild Stone has a wide range of fragrances to match it! Choose your vibe and grab the one for yourself!

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