Make This Bhai Dooj Memorable For Your Brother!

Bhai Dooj, a memorable day for each brother and sister, is something that each one of us looks forward to during Diwali. In the crazy hustle-bustle of life, sometimes we forget to cherish the ones who are the closest to us. A brother’s importance is never one to be undermined. He is your number-one supporter, protector and cheerleader in this game of life. As the festivities come near, have you thought about how you are going to celebrate Bhai Dooj this year? If you want to make your brother feel special this time of the year, then worry not, as we bring to you 5 unique ways to make this year’s Bhai dooj special for the two of you!

Spend some quality time

Staycations are a great way to spend some quality time together with each other and your family in general. Away from the craziness of the city, you get a chance to reconnect on neglected relationships and foster a loving bond with your family. There are a lot of different resorts that provide luxurious stays in extravagant villas. Lounge in the pool, take a tour of the property, and spend the night singing and dancing around the bonfire - quality moments at their best!

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

Well, gifts never let you down! Gift hampers containing perfumes are some of the most trending Bhai dooj gifts for brothers across the country. Wild Stone has an amazing collection of Bhaidooj gift packs for men containing perfumes, deodorants and other grooming products. What more? These gift packs come with a specially curated heartfelt message for your brother. The message is sure to bring a smile to his face and make this Bhai dooj special.

Game Night

Make the night light, fun and entertaining by hosting a game night! From old tambola parties to the newest Uno sessions, host a game night and invite all age groups to have a blockbuster celebration at your home. To set the vibe right, have a game-themed menu like nachos with dips, tacos and small bites that can be eaten while playing the games. Relive your childhood with your favourite games.

Movie Night

Nothing is more fun than watching a movie with your family. Host a movie night under the stars with cosy blankets and warm popcorn and watch a wholesome movie with your family. Nothing is better than sharing laughs and sentimental moments that make one cry with your family.


If your brother is a lover of all things handmade, then go DIY this Bhai dooj! Customisation is the key to his heart, so try taking classes where you make ceramic plates or pots and give your hard work to your bro with a heartfelt message. This one is sure to melt his heart!

Well, these are 5 unique ways of celebrating Bhai dooj this year and making it special for your brother. How are you celebrating it this year? Tell us in the comments!
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