Is Personal Grooming Important For An Interview?

So you have an interview lined up for a role that you have been eyeing for a while? While you may be well prepared for the theoretical aspect, are you also prepared on how you’ll present yourself overall?  You know how the saying goes – “first impression is the last impression”. And when you have an interview to crack, every brick builds the bridge that you’re hoping to cross.

How you present yourself at an interview matters. For example, what you wear at the interview tells the kind of person you are. Your shoes tell a tale about your personality; how you dress up and carry yourself talks about your confidence. Good grooming automatically indicates that you pay attention to detail. Needless to say you also look professional enough. That’s the key thing every employer is looking for.

But grooming is much more than just a good first impression… personal grooming is much more than that. It is a way to enhance your confidence aka the feel-good factor. It is a way to express yourself without the use of words.

Good grooming starts with good hygiene

Your mom was right: Good hygiene promotes good health and makes you a good boy, errr man. And when it comes to a first impression, nothing can ruin it faster than your B.O. (Body Odour). You really wouldn’t want to blow your chance the minute you walk into your interview just because of B.O.! The good thing is, it can be tackled effectively with simple personal grooming steps: Make sure you shower before the interview and use a deodorant. People can detect foul smell on other people’s clothes easily. Which is why, it’s a good idea to ensure that what you wear is freshly laundered. It is also wise to wear an appropriate work fragrance that complements your perfectly groomed self. Go easy on the perfume though and probably choose a mild fragrance that is not too overpowering.

Final words? Every detail counts. Pay attention to personal hygiene and keep your dressing simple yet smart. Give your best shot and always keep up the confidence. That’s the one thing that will get you noticed in no time. Good Luck!

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