5 must-know Hacks for a Long Lasting Fragrance

Your fragrance speaks louder than your words. It defines your personality and the way you perceive yourself. You would certainly want others to perceive you the same way. Alas! The perfume you wore in the morning didn’t stay long enough to convince those you met.

Worry not! There are ways you can hold on to that perfume for men that make others talk about you when you are not around. Scroll and find out 5 hacks to maximise longevity and projection of your favourite fragrance. 

Skin is the play area

You must moisturise your skin generously before applying your favourite Wild Stone fragrance. The science behind this hack says that dry skin soaks in all of your perfume, which lasts only a few hours. Instead, you can moisturise your skin with an oil or an unscented body lotion. This post-shower ritual will hydrate your skin, creating a base that will help the fragrance stay longer.

Spritz at the right place

It would be best if you used your perfume at the right spots: your pulse points — 

wrists, behind the ears, collar bones, inner elbows, and back of the knees. All these points have blood vessels closer to the skin, generating heat and escalating fragrance.

Layering fragrances

Top up one fragrance over another. This will help increase its lifespan. You can pick your favourite perfume for men and have similar fragrances for body wash and body lotion. Start with a body wash, followed by the same fragrance body lotion, and then opt for the deodorant for men that complements the other two. This hack will help lock in the same fragrance for a longer time.

Store perfumes well

This is one of the most important hacks for maximising the longevity of the fragrance. You must store your Wild Stone fragrance delicately, implying you must follow strict rules. Please keep it away from direct sunlight and heat. Humidity, too, is not suitable for perfumes. It is better to place your perfume in a cool and dark place in its original packaging to preserve its fragrance and composition.

Dab is what you do

We often rub our wrists after applying deodorant for men, thinking it will help spread it over the body. On the contrary, this act generates heat and disturbs the molecules packed, eventually leading to faster dissolution. What you need to do is - Dab! Gently dab the perfume on your pulse points and leave it to dry naturally.

Try these techniques and keep the fragrance of your choice intact throughout the day.

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