Get Noticed the Classic Way!

Trendy. Viral. Fleeting. Social media has converged our lives in these three words. The case is more or less the same when it comes to fragrances. Everyone tries out different trendy scents but ends up liking none. Don't you think it's time to rock the classics and set yourself apart in the generation of everything fast?

Well, if you have been looking for classic fragrances that will help you differentiate yourself from the crowd, Wild Stone's new Classic deodorants for men are a perfect choice. This newly launched collection has all your needs covered, be it a party, casual meet up or work.

Why this collection, you might ask? Because these fragrances by Wild Stone are timeless, effortlessly masculine, classic and irresistible, just like you.

Wild Stone Classic Musk

wild stone classic musk deodorants

Warm, seductive and earthy. Inspired by the expansive and exotic Arabian palms, here's Wild Stone Classic Musk deo for men. It is an intoxicating mix of zesty bergamot and neroli top notes with the base notes of musk and vanilla – all classic ingredients in their full glory! With the heart notes of jasmine and heliotrope, a perfect scent for work setup to formal events and parties. Get ready to be noticed with your stylish gentlemen's aura with the classic scent of Musk.

Wild Stone Classic Cologne

wild stone classic cologne deodorants

Crisp, fresh and effortlessly charming. Inspired by the cool blue French Riviera with beautiful sea waves and French architecture, here's Wild Stone Classic Cologne deo for men for a trendy, stylish and irresistible you. Cologne is one such fragrance that will never get out of style. The clean fruity notes of mandarin with a touch of aqua make this one perfect for casual social gatherings. The heart notes of rose and juniper and rich woody amber base notes provide you with that extra bit of confidence. Be cool, stylish and always ahead of the curve with the crisp freshness of the timeless fragrance of cologne.

Wild Stone Classic Pure Leather

wild stone classic leather deodorants

Deep, sensual and rugged. Inspired by Arizona's raw, untamed wild-west aura, here's Wild Stone Classic Leather deo for men. It has notes of Exotic Woods and Sensual Vanilla for timeless masculine irresistibility! This irresistible fragrance is an intoxicating mix of clean notes of Moroccan cedar and rich sandalwood, making it a perfect scent for adventurous journeys. Wrap yourself in the deeply sensual and textural scent of the timeless leather fragrance and get noticed in a classy way.

It's time to chuck the trendy out and bring the classic in. Leaving it here with a note - Don't be a trend. Be timeless.

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