Activate your lifestyle with new Wild Stone Activ Range

Statistics show that over 75% men are changing their lifestyle to a fitter one. Almost 52% are making healthier food choices and 63% are showing decrease in consumption of junk food. Moreover, a survey shows that the worry to have a healthier lifestyle and physical fitness  ranks 2nd in all the other worries.  All in all, men around the country are opting for a fitter and healthier lifestyle. They are opting for salads and gyms over parties and drinking.

Why are we talking about it? Well, the need of the hour is a product range that compliments these active lifestyles and we have got you just that! Presenting to you the most active range of the season with cooling benefits that fits your lifestyle – Wild Stone Activ Range from Wild Stone.

Intrigued about what all does the range contains? Well, here are the products in the most sought range from the house of Wild Stone.

Wild Stone Activ Deodorant

This is a deodorant for men with Activ lifestyle. A citrusy woody smell with top notes of lemon, orange, lavender and mint, it is a perfect scent for a humid summer day. The middle notes of cardamom and base notes of vanilla and musk make an alluring fragrance that will keep you feeling fresh all day long. What more? The range has menthol that keeps you icy cool even on the hottest summer days!

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Wild Stone Activ Talc

An essential in a gym bro’s kit, Wild Stone Activ talc keeps sweat and body odour at bay. It’s icy boost keeps you cool on the worst of humid days. It’s invigorating fragrance makes sure that you are sure to catch some eyeballs on your next gym session or boys night out! Just use it before your gym session and you might land a date, who knows!

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Wild Stone Activ Soap

It is important to use a correct soap after a heavy gym session to make sure to rinse off the sweat and odour. Hence, we suggest using Wild Stone Activ soap that cleanses the dirtiest of sweat and keeps you feeling fresh!

When to use?

While the fragrance is focused on gym freaks who love the workout but not the sweat and odour, this range can also be used during casual night outs with friends. Be it gym or club, this one is surely here to help you get your next date! Are you ready to swoon the female attention in every room you walk into?

With its icy boost, this one is certainly not just cool, it is for men who are always on the move! No wonder it is already making into the list of one of the best deodorant for men in India!

When are you trying the new Wild Stone Activ range? Comment down please!

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