5 Fragrances That Will Give Your Productivity a Boost

Sometimes life gets hectic, stressful or maybe depressing, it could be because of your daily routine or due to stress at work which might make you lose focus on work and make your productivity levels go down. Do you know that certain scents can change that and make you more goal-oriented and focused? That is why Wild Stone has come up with certain fragrances that can change your mental state and might make you feel happy, focussed and energize your senses. Some of the fragrance ingredients are:


Rosemary has both energizing and relaxing effects that calm you down and make you more productive. Rosemary is an all-natural cleaning agent and smells a lot like pine. Rosemary indicates finding bliss in the wild and who better than Wild Stone can provide you with that exact feeling? That’s why Wild Stone brings to you Wild Stone Beyond which contains notes of rosemary that helps you be more focused and productive. It is accompanied by other fragrance notes like Lavender and Jasmine, both known for their calming and centring properties.


The smell of vetiver has a great persistence, with warm and deep comforting notes found in the rarest forms. It is earthy, spicy and a little sweet. Wild Stone has its own set of vetiver notes. Try Wild Stone Trance No Gas Deo which contains notes of vetiver along with vanilla for a sweet and spicy fragrance. The smell of vetiver will transport you to the feeling of lying on the lawn during a warm summer day—and what’s not relaxing about that!


Citrus is a high-energy fragrance family, known to help you be energetic and productive throughout your day. One of our best citrusy fragrances is Wild Stone Red which contains notes of Apple, Pineapple and Lemon. Its citrusy fragrance keeps you attentive and focused and is a must-try scent to boost up your energy level.


Sage has soft and sweet scent tones that belong to the mint fragrance family and is widely used in culinary, tea, incense and essential oils. Sage has a minty and cool smell that brings coolness in your nostrils and a cool tingling sensation in your head to help your senses and keep you calm and refreshing. To get that rich tingling feeling try Wild Stone CODE Gold Body Perfume, its comforting sage notes with green minty scent helps you relax and keep you fresh and active.


This subtly sweet, highly fragrant aroma is considered a “feel good” scent. It calms you down and produces a feeling of confidence, optimism and revitalized energy. It has a soothing effect on nerves and can relieve nervous tension fatigue and depression. Wild Stone CODE Steel Body Perfume has a Jasmine middle note mixed with a plethora of other essential notes to provide you a divine fragrance and boost up your productivity by helping you feel energized and refreshed.

Here are the lists of great fragrances that can do wonders to your mood, boost morale and increase your productivity level. These are the must-try fragrances from Wild Stone that will never disappoint you!

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