Wild Stone Red and Forest spice Travel Pack Deodorant, Pack of 2 (50ml each)
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Wild Stone Red and Forest spice Travel Pack Deodorant, Pack of 2 (50ml each)

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  • Easy to use on the go, this travel-size deodorants are for every mood and adventure.

  • Forest Spice – Woody, spicy masculine fragrance with nature's vital energy.

  • Red – Fruity, fresh & energetic Deodorant to get you instant party-ready.

  • From every day wear to parties and special occasions, this one’s got it all!

  • Top best long-lasting deodorants for men.

  • Direction to use: Shake the can well, hold it upright 10-15 cm away from your body and safely spray it on your skin or clothes, avoiding your eyes.

  • Description & Quick Tips

    If you are an absolute travel junkie, then Wild Stone travel-size deodorants make the perfect companion. This travel set comes with two exceptional long-lasting deodorants – Wild Stone Forest spice and Red deodorant for men. These perfect on-the-move fragrances are easy to carry and make you instantly ready for any impromptu date nights, parties or any exciting day. 

    Forest Spice's woody, spicy aroma drives the endless passion and appeal, giving a fresh, energetic feel during gym and party nights. Get into the party mood with Wild Stone Red's fruity, ambary long-lasting fragrance. A bright, fresh, vibrant scent with a touch of woody citrusy notes keeps you refreshed and active to feel the best version of yourself. 

    Easy to carry, these deodorants are ideal for quick refreshing boost, seizing every travel moment.

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