Wild Stone Perfume Combo Set of Whisky, Cigar and Ammo Perfume for Men, Pack of 3 (8ml each)
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Wild Stone Perfume Combo Set of Whisky, Cigar and Ammo Perfume for Men, Pack of 3 (8ml each)

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  • Discover fine masculine fragrances: Wild Stone presents a men’s combi set including 3 iconic fragrances from Badass collection - Cigar, Whisky, and Ammo, inside 8ml bottles.

  • CIGAR: Ignite your charisma with a symphony of smoky and spicy notes, meticulously crafted for the modern trailblazers. Tailored to grace your elegance during formal rendezvous and upscale soirées.

  • WHISKY: Embrace refined sophistication with this perfume for men! This woody masterpiece is an ode to unwinding moments at lavish parties or leisurely weekends.

  • AMMO: Embrace your innate vigor through this earthy and robust perfume for men. Designed for the nights of grandeur with your tribe, this fragrance is for night outs and hanging out with your circle.

  • Perfect For: Elevating your persona with fragrances that echo the depths of your spirit and choosing as an unparalleled gift for men in your life.

  • Longevity: These miniature Badass fragrances stay strong with every passing hour, ensuring you remain irresistibly fragrant from dawn till dusk.

  • Mastery in Every Spritz: Embrace the Badass approach to perfuming! Spritz from a 10 cm distance for a larger coverage. Target pulse points - behind your ears, collarbones, and inner wrists.

  • Description & Quick Tips

    This meticulously curated trio of Cigar, Whisky, and Ammo features three 8 ml perfumes. Uncover the allure of Cigar perfume for men, where smoky and spicy notes kindle your presence. Experience the essence of relaxation with Whisky, a woody masterpiece designed to elevate leisurely weekends and extravagant celebrations. Embrace your inner warrior with Ammo perfume for men, an earthy and robust fragrance ideal for nights of grandeur among your companions. Whether you seek to elevate your own aura or select an exceptional gift for the remarkable men in your life, this badass combo is the best choice you’ll make today. These fragrances promise a long-lasting stay and are carefully crafted avoiding any harmful ingredient. So here's to the journey of rocking fragrances that scream "Badass" and add a powerful charisma to your presence every single time.

    Manufacture By:- McNROE Consumer products Pvt. Ltd.

    Ingredients- ETHYL ALCOHOL(95 % v/v); CONTENT : 85 % w/w WITH 1 % w/w DIETHYL PHTHALATE, PERFUME.

    Net Content - 24ml

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