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Wild stone has given us a new reason to grab all new deodorant range with its exciting new look. For a Wild stone man life is believed to be an occasion it helps you celebrate and live moment by moment taking each one at a time. We at Wild stone believe in keeping you prepared for whatever comes your way. There is a special fragrance outlined in the range for various personalities with a sent that would suit your taste. Now you can feel all stylish and wonderful with a dash of Wild stone deodorants.

  • This one is our all-time favorite. With a blend of patchouli and amber notes this perfume leaves an irresistible aura of sensuous blend with an exciting twist.
  • Perfect grooming touch for men who love to keep it classy
  • Spray whenever you are headed out with friends or dance the night away.
  • Wild Stone deodorants are designed by top international perfumers and specially formulated to last really long in Indian conditions

The inspiration of the design depicts a nightclub full of energy and neon lights. This is perfect for men who love to head out and live life one day at a time

Occasion: Party wear

wild stone forest spice deodorant


  • This deodorant is perfect for the risk taking adventure junkies. It has an intense sharp freshness thanks to its opening green apple and bergamot notes which settle to gradually reveal its bouquet of woods (sandal, cedar, oak) in perfect harmony.
  • A salute to the primal man, this masculine fragrance is a true embodiment of energy and free spirit.

The inspiration of the design is taken from the lush green jungles of South America. Imagine looking at a long meandering river from the top angle view, similar to an aerial view of Amazon.

Occasion: Party wear/casual wear

wild stone legend deodorant


  • This deodorant justifies its name and stand out as a LEGEND.
  • The deodorant gives you a feeling of free-spirit as fresh as the breeze which will sweep them off and give you a sense of clam.
  • The woody base notes mingle with the citrus top notes, while the floral heart notes create a long-lasting and fragrant linger.

The inspiration of the design has been adapted from Tā moko is the permanent marking of the face and body as traditionally practiced by Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.

Occasion: Party wear

wild stone ultra spice deodorant


  • Known to be flirty, cheerful yet masculine. The Zesty lemon and lavender notes of Wild Stone Ultra Sensual combine to create a sparkling yet sensual mood.
  • The fragrance is bold, modern and wildly captivating.
  • Every whiff is designed to complement the young, fashionable and modern man of today
  • Ideally suited when you are heading out to party the night away or wanting to be at your casual best
  • Wild Stone deodorants are designed by top international perfumers and specially formulated to last really long in Indian conditions.

The inspiration of the design is taken by imagining a blank black canvas and hand painting it with a paint brush with 3 variations of colors ranging from maroon to pink.

Occasion: Party wear

wild stone edge deodorant


Edge deodorant gets you noticed, if you are a man who wishes exuberant elegance, define power, and feel stylish or simply unique and modern; there is a fragrance that will captivate your inner you!

  • With Notes of patchouli, amber mixed with cedar wood and tonka bean
  • With freshness which lasts for 12 hours and more
  • With antibacterial properties which resist perspiration

The inspiration of the design is taken from frozen landscape from the foothills of Himalayas by imagining a  mountaineer  who is scaling the mountain and is perched on the edge of a cliff, and  the cliff is adorned by icicles

Occasion: Casual wear

wild stone hydra energy deodorant


Hydra energy, a perfume that feels like a fresh invigorating splash of water on a hot sunny day!!

  • This is an aromatic fougere composition, which makes it unmistakably a man’s deodorant. The freshness of lavender, bergamot and juniper berry combine with the earthy vetiver, musk and sandalwood to make it a must have for every man.
  • A deodorant that can go with every occasion be it office wear or casual wear.
  • Wild Stone Perfumes are designed by some of the top international perfumers and specially formulated to last really long in Indian conditions.

The inspiration of the design has been taken from Marine Phytoplankton; they have the property of bio-luminescence which has a beautiful effect which is shown in the product

Occasion: Casual wear


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