Sweat Out The Right Way With These Gym Essentials!

Getting those abs to be the showstopper wherever you go, but gym sweat being a hurdle in this goal? It's time to sweat it out the right way!

While almost every one of us goes to the gym with various aspirations in our minds, it's really necessary to sweat out the fat without the stinky sweat that’s making you embarrassed at the gym. Here are some of the absolute gym essentials that make your gym time worth it!

Body Spray – Wild Stone fragrances are devised to make sure that they set the wearer's mood right and keep body odour at bay. It's essential to invest in good quality deodorants that stay longer. Wild Stone hydra energy deodorant is a deodorant that feels like a fresh, invigorating splash of water on a hot sunny day. With refreshing top notes of orange and lemon, be assured to be noticed in and out of the gym. 

Soap – Wild Stone Forest Spice Soap, made with kokum butter and infused with the goodness of woody-spicy lingering fragrance, is a post-gym essential recommended after a long day at the gym. It revitalises, freshens and deodorises your skin to leave a pleasant aroma that lingers for a long, long time.

Talc - Your ultimate gym buddy, Wild Stone hydra Energy Talc keeps you feeling fresh after the workout, ensuring that only the goodness of the gym shows up on your body without the fear of sweat and odour.

Face wash – Face first! Before your body, it's necessary to start your post-gym routine with a good face wash. Wild Stone Edge Face wash, enriched with all-natural rice beads and jojoba extracts, removes dirt and impurities, leaving skin hydrated and nourished.

wild stone body spray for men

Extra tips to keep the sweat at bay – 

Breathable fabric: Invest in gym wear that can absorb sweat, thus preventing perspiration and body odour.

Water breaks: Sweat becomes stinky when the proportion of salts increases. To avoid this, it's really important to have regular water breaks in between the workouts.

Inhale-Exhale: Controlled breathing is important as it is seen that without proper oxygen intake, the lungs keep circulating the carbon dioxide, leading to rigorous sweating.

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