Let's Talk About Pulse Points

Here are a few ways how you should smartly wear your perfumes and make them last the entire day so you could make the most of your perfume:

It has been usually noticed that whenever you apply perfume to the pulse points of the body it helps to linger on for a longer period. Pulse points are areas where the blood vessels are closely in contact with the skin of your body, all you have to do is identify these areas in your body and spray your perfume.

The inner elbows

The inner elbow area is known to be one of the most prominent areas of pulse points to apply perfume. It is often assumed that there is no use in applying perfume to the joint areas as these areas are known to perspire. However, it is a fact that perfumes make these areas smell better.

The inner wrist area

The pulse points are known to produce heat and this is the factor which helps in making the perfume linger and spread in the air the wrist area is one such point that can make the fragrance stay.

Apply it to the hair

There is a sound reason why you should spray the perfume on your hair. This is because the hair has a fibre which holds the fragrance for a long. Also, whenever you meet someone hair is the first thing you come in contact with while you hug so it helps to make you smell better.

Apply it around the calves

The calves’ area is a good and effective point to spray perfume as it helps the notes last longer. The logic behind it is that walking results in body heat which is essential to keep the fragrance last.

You can apply it behind the knees

The back of the knees is soft and smooth and helps to keep the fragrance staying for long. So when you are wearing shorts, especially during summers this area should be on focus. These tips will help you make sure you utilize your perfume. Make sure you also cover the pulse points like wrists, behind the ear area and elbows too. Also, spray some in your clothes and you are ready to smell magical throughout the day.

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