How to choose your Signature Fragrance

Perfumes have a very close association with our daily lives. The signature perfumes for us men can also be called the top perfumes for men. They are essential in preserving our personality in front of people and carrying ourselves with grace and style every day.

Choosing the right perfume can be quite a task, especially with so many unique options available all over the market. Still, the good news is our Wild Stone fragrances, the most accessible and loved fragrances all over India today, will never disappoint you when you are stopping by to find your signature style. So, let us present a few full-proof ways of choosing your signature fragrance that will make your fragrance game way more accessible. So let's get started:

1. Find your taste in perfume families

Perfumes belong to different families or types. Available in sweet, floral, spicy, fruity, citrusy, oriental, gourmet, woody, and many other types, a perfume is available to suit everyone's tastes and preferences. The first and foremost step that you must, without fail, focus on is to find the kind of perfume that suits your taste. This is the most time-consuming and essential part of choosing your signature perfume.

Wild Stone fragrances are a great option to start your journey in choosing the right perfume because it is readily available, affordable, and available in many opportunities.

2. The A-Z of notes

Along with knowing the family of perfumes, there is something known as notes in fragrances too. They consist of 3 divisions - top, middle, and base. Notes can also be referred to as the actual longevity of perfumes. The top note lasts until about 15 minutes, and the middle note lasts 30 minutes. The base note is the real longevity of perfume after spraying it on your skin. Knowing the A-Z of notes in a fragrance is very important to find the top perfumes for men, which gets us closer to finding our signature style. 

3. The concentration

Ever heard of terms like EDP, EDT, or EDC for your perfumes? Yes, these are a perfume's concentration levels, which means how solid or mild the perfume must be.

Perfume or Parfum is the highest concentration; you may expect it to last a whole day easily. Still, sometimes, the fragrance lingers even for days. Eau de parfum, a widespread type of fragrance in Wild Stone, usually lasts approximately 7-8 hours after the first spray. Eau de toilette and eau de cologne are comparatively milder formulations, and you might have to spray the perfume several times throughout the day.

4. Research, test, and finalise

After you have learned the essential three backbones of fragrances mentioned above, congratulations, you have gained the base knowledge on how to find your signature perfume. Now you have to research your heart out, test out samples and then decide on the one fragrance of your dreams. For research purposes, more than googling is needed. For perfumes, you do not look with your eyes but smell with your nose, so please try out several samples. This will save you a lot of time. In shopping malls, you get most of your samples for free, which will also save you several bucks.

5. The last step - the skin test

It is a very simple step - do the skin test after deciding on the top perfumes for men for your signature style. Spray it on your skin and wait for it to react. The right perfume should not cause any irritation or rash on your skin, so this step is a must, especially if you have susceptible skin.

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