Facts about your Sweaty Skin Warrior - Talcum Powder

We all have to bear the repercussions of this blistering season, don't we? Be it scratching your itchy skin, foul odour, clothes damped with sweat and dried icky skin, summer days can be challenging. The hottest days are yet to arrive and here we are already done with this heat! Our body requires proper hydration both internally and externally to beat this heat. You know there's no other best option than a glass of cold buttermilk or freshly made lemonade to rejuvenate your body from the inside. We know there's no better alternative than Wild Stone talcum powder to wave off these aftermaths of the sweltering season and drench your skin with care!

Here are a few unknown facts and advantages of using a talcum powder to sway away from the heat:

Cleaning agent-Talcum powder works as a cleaning agent as it sweeps off all the dust, germs and light particles that stick to your skin and damage it.

Your aftershave friend - Talcum powder can also become your aftershave companion as it helps to reduce bumps that might occur after shaving. It's a healthy regime to include talc in your aftershave routine for a safe and harmless experience.

Warrior of itchand bad odour - Excessive heat in summer causes constant itching in the underarms, neck and back or your intimate areas look unpleasant. Use Hydra Energy talc from Wild Stone to revitalize your skin, reduce itching and irritation and deodorizes your body well. Or use fragrance talcum powder - Ultra Sensual talc, a saviour for sure because its intense woody fragrance invigorates and makes you aromatic the whole day long.

Your oil reducing partner- You take a step out of the house and all you can feel is oil all over your face? Especially the T-Zone (forehead and nose), summer is equivalent to oily skin. Talcum powder helps to combat oily skin. It deep cleanses the pores that generate oil and temporarily blocks them. Using talcum powder regularly may benefit from getting rid of these pores. 

Aids cuts and rashes- Did you know talc has the medicinal values to heal your wound?

An essential fact about talc is it heals cuts and rashes that might occur due to excessive itching or any mishappening during a shave. Applying talcum powder to the cut or the affected area will ultimately heal the cut.

Now that you're enlightened with the benefits of using talcum powder, it would be a great decision to incorporate it into your daily care routine because who doesn't love a multifunctional product? Right!

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