Amp Up The Housewarming Style With Wild Stone

Are you confused about what to wear for a housewarming party - a simple yet essential event in the host’s life? When it comes to occasions like these, it is important to show up in a minimal yet chic style to balance the ‘house’ and the ‘party’ elements. The hunt for the perfect style statement to rock at a housewarming party is over, my friends! Here are the top 4 outfit ideas to rock at your next housewarming party!

The dress code for various housewarming parties depends on many different parameters - season, place, time of the day, etc. So, paying heed to all these factors before deciding on an outfit is essential.

Suit up! 

If you are eternally confused about what to wear, the easiest way out is a tuxedo. Nothing can go wrong with a little suiting up! Suits are best and can elevate your style with minimal effort. Pair it up with Wild Stone Hydra Energy deodorant, one of the best deodorants for men in India, to amp up your OOTD! If you are the host, the tux will exude elegance and style - making you the centre of attention!

Bomber: to feel OTT!

If the housewarming party happens to be in colder months, it is essential to look stylish but in a way that doesn’t require you to freeze in the cold. It is a house ‘warming’ party, for Pete’s sake!

A plain tee, slim-fit jeans and a cool bomber jacket are your go-to during such an event! Rock the look with a sleek hairstyle using Wild Stone Ultra Sensual deodorant, along with other grooming products for men from the brand.

Sneak-er your way in!

Sneakers can add that extra oomph to the outfit and that’s just what you need on occasions like a housewarming party. Own a pair which are the talk of the town? Lover of classic Chuck Taylors? Flaunt them at the next housewarming party and increase the style quotient subtly! If you didn’t know this, sneakers are also great conversation starters and who knows, you might score a date at the party.

Keep it casual

Lover of all things simple can go with a styling hack that never fails - a classic white T-shirt ripped jeans and boots! Nothing but old solid masculine style to rock at the next housewarming party! Zing up the outfit with a masculine fragrance like Wild Stone Forest Spice Deodorant and get ready to be noticed in all the rooms you step into - quite literally!

Well, these were some of the styling and fashion hacks that might come in handy at the next housewarming party you are invited to. Remember, when in doubt, go classic and bold. Don’t venture into prints and funky accessories when all can be achieved by being minimal and simple.

Did you like the outfit ideas? Have you come across any other fashion hacks? Do let us know in the comments!
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