A Man's Guide To Fragrance Families

Have you ever wondered how many types of fragrances are available in this world? Well, the answer is endless. Each fragrance belongs to a specific family of fragrances or a fragrance pyramid.  Searching for perfumes for men online is daunting. Especially if you are unfamiliar with perfume notes, finding a perfect fragrance that naturally blends with your body's scent is tough.

But worry not; here is a beginner's guide that gives you a brief knowledge about the vital fragrance families.


Woody perfumes are warm and rich, found in fragrance notes like sandalwood, patchouli and cedarwood. This woody fragrance is further sub-categorised into three segments

  • Woods comprising aromatic scents like sandalwood and vetiver.
  • Mossy woods exhibiting sweet, smooth and earthy scents like oakmoss and amber; 
  •  Dry woods consist of smouldering and smoky mixtures with leather aromas.

Often, woody notes are infused with citrusy notes to calm down the fragrance's intensity and evoke a hint of freshness. These scents are highly suitable for the modern man who lives an active lifestyle.

Wild Stone Forest Spice perfume beholds special woody-spicy notes that provide long-lasting freshness and keeps you strong and active for long hours.

Wild Stone Forest Spice perfume


This fragrance family embraces rich exotic scents that perfectly blend with warmth and sensuality. With the bright citrus zing of lemon, orange and green notes, Wild Stone Night Rider perfume is the perfect oriental Fougere fragrance, one of the best perfumes in India. The key feature of this fragrance family is seduction; oriental scents draw their richness from woods, vanilla and musk, making them uniquely exotic. If you want to turn the heads around, wear oriental perfumes that constitute 'amber' that will help you stand out on every occasion.

Wild Stone Hydra Energy perfume


To cope with a tiring and scorching day, aromatic Fougere notes are the best you need! It gives you the blast of freshness that ultimately helps you revive your dull day. Lemon, green, artemisia and tonka beans notes are subtly assorted in aromatic Fougere to make you look charismatic and uplift your mood. These notes behold fresh fragrances consisting of citrus, water and green notes that envision your adventurous side and include all kinds of happy scents.

If you like the vibe of these fragrance notes, then look no further and opt for Wild Stone Hydra Energy perfume, one of the best perfumes for men online. Wild Stone Hydra Energy perfume drips you with confidence and fills you with long hours of freshness.

Wild Stone Hydra Energy perfume


If you are looking for a subtle and day-to-day fragrance, your search ends here! This fragrance is a wholesome package of variant fruity scents that are relaxing yet exquisite. When we all want to feel fresh and light, Wild Stone Red perfume - exuberates desirable attributes of fruity citrus offerings without the heaviness.

Citrus-based scents contain a fruity-fl`oral aroma of apple, violet and labdanum combined with a strong aromatic base. It gives you delicate, floaty freshness to slay every occasion like dinner dates, luxurious parties, or board room meetings.

Wild Stone Red perfume

After being enlightened about the key fragrance families, it's time to decide which perfume category suits you the most. Head down to Wild Stone's most comprehensive range of fragrances and pick the fragrances that ensemble your whole look and complements your charming aura. 

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