6 Interesting Facts about Fragrances, you would've never heard of

Be it an office meeting, a dinner date or a cocktail party you want to slay and steal all the attention isn't it? While you make sure your clothes are upright or your beard is freshly trimmed or your shoes are clean enough, one of the most important factors that you often forget is how you smell.

‘Nothing is more memorable than a smell’, smelling good plays an essential role in making a remarkable impression. Wild Stone perfume offers a classy variety of perfume for men that give you long lasting fresh and attractive appeal.

But did you know perfumes not only uplifts your style by killing the body odour but also has several interesting aspects? You’ll be amazed to know them.

Here are some of the interesting facts about fragrances -

Fragrances boost your productivity

Yes, you read it right. Fragrances have the ability to boost your productivity. It’s a feel good stimulant that can relax you, improve your mood and act as a confidence booster. Citrus is a high-energy fragrance family that boost your productivity level. Citrusy fragrance of Wild Stone Red Perfume keeps you attentive and focused and is a must-try scent to boost up your energy level.

The same perfume can smell different on two different people

Everyone has their unique scent, that's why your partner steals your hoodie because it reminds them of you! Perfume when mixed with your skin's own chemistry makes a new smell that is a combination of the elements of perfume, your odour print, your sweat and other environmental components. That’s the reason the same perfume smells different on you versus on your friend.

It’s Possible to Smell Feelings

Fragrances have the uniqueness that can refresh certain memories for you, they can make you feel nostalgic about your childhood diaries or can rejuvenate the memories of a special person. It's possible to smell feelings and relive all those moments.

Women Have a Stronger Sense of Smell Than Men

Worried about your date nights? Or wondering how to impress her? Well, after knowing this fact you’ll be relieved - women tend to have a stronger sense of smell than men. So here’s a bonus for you to rock your date, opt for any Wild Stone best men deodorants to leave your date in awe.

Men fragrances aren’t just for men

As surprising as it is, this fact is true. One-third of men’s fragrances sold are worn by women. Similar to women's, men's fragrances have budget-friendly diverse options. Though there’s a little element of inherent masculinity or femininity about a particular scent, it’s all about how it’s presented.

Fragrances can alter the mood you're in

Pleasant aromas can lift up your spirits. Science has proven that just a hint of an aromatic perfume is enough to trigger a visceral reaction in your body.

Feeling overwhelmed? Apply a fragrance that consists of the essence of sandalwood or lavender to promote relaxation. Feeling tired since morning? Citrus based perfumes will energise you and make you feel happy.

Are you surprised by these facts about fragrances? We were too. Never knew a splash of perfume that we only thought would make us smell good had so many beneficial aspects. Well, now you know so choose from the wide range of Wild Stone deodorants & perfumes and slay your next occasion!

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