10 Gym Bag Essentials For Men

If you’re a regular gym-goer and carry nothing but your gym clothes, then chances are that you’re probably the stinky smelly guy who everyone runs away from. Don’t let gym faux-pas turn you into a gym buzz-killer. Add these must-have gym essentials in your gym bag:


Goes without saying that the number one gym etiquette is to use a deo before and after a gym session. It also comes in handy when you’re pressed for time and need to head out of the gym without a shower. Check out Wild Stone’s deodorants for men range.

Water Bottle

Our muscles are made up of 79% water. The more you sweat out at the gym, the more is the need to hydrate yourself. While a regular bottle would do, what you really need is a water bottle that’s spill-proof, leak-proof (you wouldn’t want to spill water all over your gym bag) and most importantly – look for bottles that are labelled as BPA-free (plastic that’s safe from toxic chemicals).

Grip Gloves

Workout smarter – not harder. Whether you’re into a high-intensity or not; grip gloves are your best gym companions to optimise heavy lifting in the safest manner possible. Choose gloves that are crafted specifically for gym workouts. Sweat-proof and anti-slip are the key features that you must look for when buying one.


We recommend always keeping two Gym towels in your gym bag. The first to wipe the gym equipment before and after you use one and the other for a shower/wipe. Needless to say, keeping soap and an oil-free face wash is a must along with the towels. Check out Wild Stone’s Deodorising soaps to keep you fragrantly fresh in case you forget to carry your regular deo.

Extra T-shirt

Always keep an extra t-shirt handy in your Gym bag for any sweaty disasters. Cotton t-shirts perform in absorbing sweat better than synthetic ones. Choose one that has a breathable fabric.

Protein Bar

That entire workout is bound to make you go hungry. Don’t waste your hard work by jumping onto junk to curb your cravings. Protein bars are a much healthier alternative and fit into any gym bag.

Pain Relieving Spray

While your gym will probably have a first-aid kit to address any gym injuries, keeping a pain-relieving ensures you tackle any sprains and nerve pains instantly. Might also help you once you’ve stepped out of the gym.


We all need to be in our own workout vibe. You may or may not like your gym’s choice of music. And that’s where headphones turn in handy. There are tons of gym-friendly headphones on the market and the best part is that they’re sweat-proof and wireless!

Arm Band

An armband case takes away the worry of keeping your smartphone in a safe place. You can continue to listen to music and attend calls while at the gym. Look for one that’s sweat-proof and is compatible with your smartphone.

Hand Sanitizer / Wet Wipes

When you’re working out at the gym, germs are everywhere. If you aren’t wearing gloves, keep your hands sanitized before you greet someone at the gym. Wet wipes also run handy to wipe off a machine before and after use in case you miss carrying your towel.

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