Your Guide To Perfect Fragrances for Winters

Winters are here and you might be preparing to complete your wardrobe with the suitable fragrances that will help you to flaunt your look around this chilly season. If you are looking for ideas to pick the right perfume for you, this is the right place you landed. Wild Stone has a vast collection of perfumes for men that are warm and sensual, and pack enough of a long-wearing scent that will lingers on your favourite sweater. Here take a look at our guide for your complete winter selection fragrances:

1. Choose a heavy fragrance: 

Just like comforting clothes are needed in the winters to keep you warm, you also need a fragrance that can keep you warm for the entire day. Scents fade faster in colder months because the skin becomes dry and flaky, so picking a heavier scent will help it stick with you for longer. You need a scent with warm, spicy, heavy notes like cedar, musk, leather and tobacco. 

2. Go with Eau de Parfum: 

Perfumes for men having 15 to 20 percent of pure essential oils are known as Eau de Parfum. As per experts in winters, it is preferable to use Eau de Parfum instead of regular Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne. Due to its higher perfume concentration, it is more tenacious and lingers on the body for about 5 to 8 hours. It is more intense, which makes it perfect for the colder days. 

3. Fragrance families for winters:

As the season changes, there is also a transition in the fragrances that one usually uses. The effectiveness of a perfume is affected by the weather. It is necessary to choose the perfect fragrances to go for the ultimate fragrant experience in the winters. 

The following are some fragrance families that are ideal for winter wear:

The Oriental family notes are characterized by warm and sensual scents, perfect for the chilled winter season. Wild Stone Night Rider Perfume is just the fragrance you need for your cozy winter days. The exotic mix of oriental flavours with a hint of spice from cardamom and pepper notes complemented by a woody essence of sandalwood and amber add depth to this long-lasting fragrance that perfectly preps you up to slay any winter party. Wild Stone Night Rider fragrance aimed to be a combination of warmth and darkness, making it a fantastic choice for winters.

Woody scent is the best to wrap up around yourself in winter. Woody notes are intense, spicy and deep perfectly stay on you for longer and keep you fresh and energetic. Smoky, Spicy and woody, Wild Stone Forest Spice comes with a robust masculine fragrance with the freshness of the woods, a perfect winter blast. Its citrusy top blends with spicy hints of cinnamon embodied in the woody scents of sandalwood, cedar and vanilla, this fragrance keep you warm and energetic and will become an incredible winter signature fragrance for you.

For perfume lovers, winter is the time to go all out and wear strong, masculine fragrances. Wild Stone Legend is one such best winter fragrances for men because of its deep woody and spicy accords. It begins with the citrus blast of freshness with Bergamot, highlighted by spicy notes of Cardamom, complemented by the depth of woody notes of Cedarwood, Musk, and Patchouli which leaves a trail of long-lasting freshness that will certainly serve you best in the winter. 

Here is it! Your complete guide to choose the perfect fragrance for yourselves this winter. Get the best winter fragrances from Wild Stone and don’t leave any chance to get noticed.

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