World Mental Health Day – Key to Positivity

On this World Mental Health Day, 10th October, we are trying to bring awareness to the importance of Mental Health and build awareness and overcome the stigma attached to it. While we understand people have different struggles and different ways to deal with them here are some tips to have a keep a positive outlook on life and embrace the lows along with the highs. 

1. Take care of yourself

Look good to feel good! Taking care of yourself is the beginning of getting things back in order. When one is well-groomed, well attired, it has a positive impact on one’s mental state. A good fragrance goes a long way towards uplifting one’s moods and its therapeutic effects can calm down stress and anxiety. Fragrances are known to uplift your mood and eve. Different tones in a fragrance evoke a different feeling and can dictate the way you feel about yourself. A citrusy/aquatic fragrance has cooler tones which make you feel relaxed while a spicy/loud fragrance might have a more active and wilder connotation. Like Wild Stone, Hydra Energy is made for the cool and chilled-out personalities while something like Wild Stone Legend Deodorant is made for the wild party animals. 

2. Savour little moments

Enjoy every small win, moments of happiness, if we keep expecting big things to happen and big opportunities to come our way, chances are, we end up waiting for precious life moments, and when it, unfortunately, does not manifest itself one feels disappointed, angry and hurt, a lot of negative emotions. It’s important to start learning to enjoy the smaller things in life and be grateful for all the positives we have in our lives. Sometimes, the joy of jumping in a puddle on a rainy day might be way more fun than traveling in a private jet.

3. Never be afraid of expressing how you feel.

Sometimes we tend to keep things and emotions bottled up inside us and chose to stay quiet and avoid showing any kind of emotions. This could be because of previous experience of rejection of emotions, or the training to consider showing vulnerability as a sign of weakness.

This is however not a good way of living life, as unexpressed emotions, hurts, disappointments- increase in heightened mental pressure and negativity. It’s always better to find someone to confide in, to express highs and lows in life, so you have to try to be brave enough to express how you feel and speak without any filter

4. Look for the good in others

When we start looking for the good in others, we eventually develop a different perception of the person. This point is a matter of perception rather than an attitude or behaviour. Looking for the good in others will make you see them in a different light and make you grow to appreciate them even more. This sometimes can be a double-edged sword; always looking for good might end up keeping you blind from red flags. . But it is not as simple as that. Looking for the good in others is not about listing all the good things and judging them. It’s about being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes and at best try to understand what the other person might be going through. 

5. Overcome Overthinking

 This one can be tough because a wandering mind is really hard to get a hold of. Overthinking is the catalyst to the majority of arguments. Overthinking can be overcome by not letting your mind go wandering and knowing when to stop yourself from going down the rabbit hole. This could mean anything from indulging in a hobby or watching a show, basically anything that will help you get out of the vicious spiral of overthinking and overanalysing. 

6. Seize the moment.

“Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift and that’s why we call it the Present.” This quote perfectly encapsulates the definition of “Seize the moment” but indeed, it is a really beautiful mind-set that one must keep staying positive. People like to dwell on the past and worry about the future while living in the present. We need to learn to start living in the moment and stop trying to control something we can’t. The past and the future are something that’s almost all the time out of the control of us and hence we should try and make every second count and need to start living NOW. 

7. Love yourself 

Once you are content with who you are and where you are you will eventually have people who admire and notice you and what better to kick start your path to noticeability with a Wild Stone Edge Perfume with its classy woody fragrance, you are definitely to be noticed.

So mental stress and negativity is a long and continuous battle that we are in together and we can only be triumphant if we help each other and hence, these are some keys to positivity. 

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