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World Fragrance Day: Cheers To Fragrances That Get You Noticed

We humans have always been attracted to scents. From the sweet musky smell of the old books to the fresh fragrance of nature, our olfactory senses connect us to people and memories. Perfumes celebrate the human bonds with fragrance. No wonder many of us have a signature perfume that  are in a way our scented initials. But do you know perfumes too have as story.

The Story of Perfumes

It is interesting to note how for ages, we have been admiring perfumes inspired by essential oils or aromatic scents. The oldest perfumery can be traced back to the Bronze Age in the island of Cyprus. Also, in the Book of Exodus, there is a mention of a sacred perfume boasting elements like liquid myrrh, cinnamon, cane, and cassia. A cuneiform tablet dating around 1200 BC describes Tapputi as the world’s first recorded chemist and a perfume maker in Babylonian Mesopotamia. Thus, the human familiarity with perfumes indeed go back a long way.

 The Fragrances Of Today

From the bronze age, to the modern age, fragrances have come a long way. Today they are found in millions of variants and in different price ranges. As applying a fragrance is an art, so is choosing the right one. Having a basic understanding of notes and the way perfumes are created is necessary. While buying a fragrance, you will get an option of Perfume, Eau De Parfum (EDP), Eau De Toilette (EDT), and Eau De Cologne (EDC). It is important to know the difference between these

EDT, EDP & EDC: What is the difference?

The only difference between them lies in the concentration of aromatic essential oils used and the strength of the liquid. Understanding the difference will make it easy for you to pick the right fragrance that lasts longer, matches your personality and gets you noticed.

There is a lot going on in a small bottle of fragrance. A fragrance mainly has three main components – alcohol, water and scented oils. Perfume comes with a concentration of around 20% to 40% essential oils and has the ability to last for 10 hours or more. Wild Stone perfumes are formulated to last for longer duration in Indian climate.

 Eau De Parfum comes with 15% to 20% fragrance concentration and possess alcohol and water as the base.

Eau De Toilette has 5-10% aromatic oil concentration and can last anywhere between 7 to 8 hours.

Eau De Cologne, also simply called Cologne, has 2-5% concentration of aromatic oil. If you are looking for something that is of mild or lighter composition and is affordable and ideal for daily use, then cologne is the right choice.

Get Noticed with the Right Fragrances

A good perfume can do wonders to your persona. It is wise to invest in a couple of perfumes that help you discover your best self. You can choose the lighter, citrus-based, aqua fragrances that are best to wear in the summers. You can, in fact, opt for Wild Stone Hydra Energy Perfume or Deodorant to keep you fresh on a hot sunny day. This fragrance with aromatic Fougere composition is long lasting and crafted for the man of today.

Another powerful perfume Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume and Deodorant is the right choice to boost confidence. This fragrance has the freshness of mint, lavender and sweet-smelling patchouli notes.

With so many options available, pick the right fragrance that suits your mood, personality and demeanor and ups your cool quotient. A great fragrance is not just a small bottle of scent that you wear on a special occasion, but it is an extension of you. So, on the occasion of World Fragrance Day, let’s raise a toast to the wonders of a perfume, especially the ones that get us noticed!

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