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Working From Home? Here’s How To Be More Productive

Many of us hope to break free from the regular office routine and dream to work from home.  No more stress to fight the busy traffic every morning and no more tension to look best for meetings as you can work in your pyjamas all day. But one should not ignore the fact that working from home is still working not holidaying. You are still subject to crucial meetings even if it is via video conferencing. In such stressful moments, you are required to look your best and organized. If you abide by a smart grooming code daily and follow a schedule, work from home can get more productive.

Create the right “office environment”

Many of us may not have a dedicated working space at our home. So, create an ad-hoc home office. Give up the pleasure of working on the bed, lying with a laptop beside. Instead, recreate the space at home. Move your desk in a well-lit room with more natural light. Find an upright chair like one in your office for comfortable sitting. With a dedicated working space at home, you give your family members a sign that you are seriously at work and you don’t want to be disturbed. With a dedicated working space, you are in a better mental state to work.

Ensure you work space at home is well lit

If possible look for more natural light for your work space. In case, that is not possible, ensure it is well lit. Lights play a significant role in our physical and mental well being. Well lit work spaces are likely to be better work spaces as proper lighting gives you more energy and can uplift your mood.

Follow the basic grooming code daily

The way you present yourself to others defines your personality. When you are at your workplace, you definitely try to look your best. However, while working from home, one tends to become casual. For instance, you ensure you look every bit of a white collared executive in office. But what about working from home? It is important to look well kempt and tidy even during work from home. At least follow the basics of grooming like washing your face or taking a shower regularly. This will not just make you look presentable but also uplift your mood, making you feel nice from within. In fact you should kick start your day with a good shower . Use a shower gel or a soap to keep your skin smooth and supple.  Wild Stone Edge Shower gel is perfect for your morning and evening showers. Its active foam boosters produce rich dense lather and mixed mild surfactants leave your skin clean and soft.

Follow a routine and keep a to-do list

Working from home can make anyone lazy. Keep your spirits high and stay professional by following the same schedule that you follow in your office. What would you gain? It keeps you more structured and efficient. In order to keep your attention focused and to avoid any delay in official video calls, you need to follow a routine. Right from getting up from the bed to switching on your device, follow the routine as you do on your office days. Also, maintain a to-do list to improve your productivity. As you work remotely, communication is important. Noting down the details of your project and keeping a track of the progress could be done by keeping a to-do list.

Don’t forget to take breaks

Scrolling through your social media feed doesn’t count as break. Avoid looking at any screen while taking a break. Try taking a walk indoors or play with your pet every 75 to 90 minutes. This will make you more productive. 

Final Words

So, though you are working in a more relaxed space, you need to stay disciplined. Working from home needs you to stay groomed as well as organized as you are not on holiday. You should follow grooming  as a daily ritual and make it as an unofficial beginning of your workday. Put on a suitable outfit for video con calls and always be ready to impress your colleagues and clients with your ad-hoc office set-up.

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