Wild Stone Guide To Ace The Festive Look

Festivals are here and we need to bring our A-game and blow everyone away with our new festive look. This is the time to groom ourselves and shine brighter than ever. Let’s attain our best festive look with Wild Stone which brings to you a guide that will absolutely help you to ace your festive look. 

1. Break out the Kurtas!

There is nothing that screams “festive” as ethnic wear does. This is the season to break out your favourite ethnic wear to display and embrace your ethnicity. Ethnic wear is a must to help you get into the festive character and mood, almost a necessity to ace the festive look. A good Kurta is the foundation of a grand festive look. A kurta with a Nehru-Style Jacket accompanied with a pocket square and you are in the first step of acing your festive look. 

2. Go Avant-Garde, Try Printed Shirts

If you don’t feel like going for a kurta and want to try something new this year try wearing ethnic printed shirts accompanied by a pair of jeans. Top it off with a pair of sunglasses and voila! Welcome to the modern days! 

The point is to keep trying new things and keep experimenting till you find your unique look and style. You can even try an interesting cotton shirt with a veshti (dhoti style wrap cloth); it would be a bold choice and would maybe even break cultural barriers. 

3. Go crazy with colours. 

 Being Festive is all about joy and creative expression. Express yourself this festive season by experimenting with bright and vibrant colours or bold prints in metallic motifs. Try wearing an orange kurta and accompanied by a yellow Nehru-Style jacket, interesting patterned Juttis. This is the perfect time to express yourself in a way that you would not be able to on a regular day, be it your kurta’s or your juttis, so let out your colourful side. 

4. Grooming Shooming

Every year around the time of Diwali, We go through something that now has become a part of the tradition, something that is a necessity in every desi household. Our mums would force a mop on us and ask us to clean every corner of the house.  

Similarly, It is important that we take such care of ourselves too. To ace our festive look, we need to look absolutely smashing and hence essential that we are well-groomed. This can include getting a haircut, shaving/trimming your beard. To help you with the grooming end of your festive look, Wild Stone has got you covered. Try the Wild Stone Shaving Combo (Ultra-Sensual shaving cream, Ultra Sensual Aftershave lotion and Shaving brush combo) to get all your needs taken care of at once all while smelling phenomenal.

5. Experiment with Accessories 

To top it all off, you need accessories that brings the entire ensemble together. This can be any kind of jewellery like a hand bracelet, Kada, or an anklet or even a patterned brooch or desi juttis. Whichever trend suits your lifestyle or your personality. Pocket squares or maybe even a fanny pack with a kurta would look different, but special. 

6. Fragrances to complete the look

Looking good is not enough, like we said you need to bring your A-Game and that does not just mean you need to look great but you also need to smell great too this festive season. Wild Stone brings to you a wide range of fragrances suiting all kinds of personalities. If you’re a solid intense man then Wild Stone Intense Black a great fit for the man of the night, whose intense confident personality is unforgettable. The new range of Wild Stone Intense No gas deos promises fragrances that are modern, exotic, and incredibly intense. On the other hand, if you want to look effortlessly intense and confident, we would recommend the Wild Stone Ultra-Sensual Perfume would be a great fit for you.

And there you have it, this festive season spruce up your look, amp up your style and get noticed with this guide that will help you ace the festive look. Festive seasons are the time to celebrate and enjoy and revel in the grandness of life, the best time to display your best ethnic look that stays in everyone’s memories forever. 

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