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Wild Stone Best Summer Fragrances That Get You Noticed

As lockdown is easing and restrictions beginning to lift, we are getting ready to step out, however as we get ready again, it’s time to get your A-game back to get impressive and noticeable to create a favourable impact on your colleagues, clients, dates, and friends.

Start working on your perfect summer look with the right cotton and linens and compliment your preparation with the perfect summer fragrances to ace the hot summer style. So, buckle up and get along with us in the journey to discover your ideal fragrance for this summer, handpicked by our experts: 

1  .Wild stone Intense Black – Intensify your game this summer with Wild stone Intense black. It’s deep, sensual and incredibly intense fragrance is all you need to bounce back with full power to create a long-lasting impact. Its fruity and aromatic top notes blend perfectly with cedar wood and musk base. Black is a great fit for all formal occasions. This no gas deodorant, promises a scent that any man will want to wear during the summer, and throughout the year.

2. Wild stone Intense Ocean – Bathing in the warm sunlight and taking a dive into the fresh blue sea is what Wild stone Intense Ocean no gas deodorant makes you feel. Inspired by the vibrancy of the sea, intense ocean bursts with woody scents and the refreshing hint of lemon to keep you feeling cool and breezy throughout the day, it’s energizing and rejuvenating fragrance brightens your days and give you an extra dose of freshness and confidence.

    3. Wild Stone Forest Spice Deodorant– Make the ultimate lasting impression with the woody and spicy fragrance of Wild Stone Forest spice. Its bold, energetic and long-lasting freshness makes you the man of the moment and never lets you go unnoticed. It is a fragrance inspired by wild nature and its unlimited freshness compliments and instantly boosts your energy levels. Its woody, spicy notes offer a bold and aromatic scent that’s ideal for summer treks and long travels.

    4. Wild Stone Hydra Energy Deodorant– It’s rejuvenating like a splash of fresh water on your face after a day in the sun. This fresh energizing perfume with a citrusy lavender top note and a base note of wood and musk gives you a lasting freshness of being doused in cool water.

    5. Wild Stone Beyond Deodorant- Cool, refreshing & energizing! Wild stone Beyond deodorant embodies the splash of freshness you feel while walking in the rain or letting the cool sea breeze wrap around you while standing at the seashore. It combines aqua and woody scent with hints of musk, mint and amber. Its refreshing aroma brings back the memories of beach vacations, and serene relaxation.

    So, as the temps rise, step out with confidence to showcase your summer-proof irresistible persona with these warm-weather fragrance favourites. Fragrances ranging from strong woody aromas to aquatic freshness, Wild Stone has a good option for you no matter what your preferences are, these summer fragrances will instantly prep you for the season ahead and remind you to enjoy everything the warm weather has to offer.

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