Why Wear Perfume on a Virtual Date?

Here’s Why You Should Wear Best Men’s Fragrance On Online Dates.

Read More In The Complete Virtual Dating Guide.

Are you locked indoors owing to the recent pandemic situation? Do you miss your regular outdoor activities especially meeting your crush or girlfriend, going out on fun dates and spending quality time with each other? If yes, then virtual date in the lockdown is the thing for you. The process of online or virtual dating is like the usual one, except for the fact, that the lovebirds do not actually physically meet.

Granted that online is the new normal for dating, there arises the urgent demand for the lover boys to be all the more creative with the virtual dating ideas. So, here’s the complete virtual dating guide to your rescue. You can thank us later for this!

Things to Do on a Virtual Date- Top Virtual Dating Ideas

  1. Watch The Same Movie Online Together From Respective Locations: Binge on movies or may be a web-series together. Well, a date night is incomplete without a movie. The most traditional and the quintessential movie date rules the world of virtual dating too. Select a movie and watch the same on your favourite digital platform
  2. Eat Your Dinner Together From Respective Homes : What is a date without good food? While planning for a date night, one can never miss the food. Decide on your favourite menu prior to the date night. Do all the required preps and you are all set for the dinner. Cook together, eat together while sharing the video call screen and talk your heart out over the food. You can even plan a candlelight dinner.


3. Play Games: With the digital gaming space booming like anything, now one can even play games online on shared digital platforms. Challenge each other for a game of online chess or ludo, or any other game of your interest.

 4. Dance Your Heart Out: Music and date go hand in hand. Mutually select a favourite piece of music, then turn it on. And dance while your video call is on. Feel the drama and go with the beats.

 5. Show & Tell: Take the drama quotient to the next level. Show your girl the most prized accessory that you have, or the sexiest wear you would like to adorn and ask her to guess the story behind. This game goes vice-versa too. Keep playing and keep churning more secrets about each other.

6. Enjoy Your Drink Together: Hold a glass of wine or may be a cup of tea and sip as you speak. You can hold your favourite novel, or even can discuss your favourite movie from the yesteryears. Thus, you both would be able to know about each other’s likes and dislikes.

What to Wear on a Virtual Date?

So, your virtual date is sorted. But you are missing on the most important part of the date, that is what to wear on a virtual date? Yes the look is important. You’ll be video conferencing, after all. Looking good is just not a girly thing. It is equally important for guys too. So, here a few musts.

  • Maintain basic hygiene. A good shower and proper shave are a must to look presentable. Trust best men’s grooming products to do the task for you.
  • Be comfortable. Wear what reflects your personality and you are not forced to become someone else. To be on a safer side stick to cool casuals or smart casuals.
  • Accessorize smartly. Too much can be too loud.
  • Wear a good perfume. Well, to set the mood right a perfume plays the key role. Read on to find out why wearing a good men’s fragrance is important for you.

Do you really need to wear a perfume on a virtual date?

So you’ll be online. Of course you should be concerned about your looks. But why bother to wear a perfume? Here’s why you definitely should bother wearing one!  A good perfume sets the mood for the date. It is all about uplifting your mood and spirits. And it goes without saying, only if you feel good, you’ll be able to spread vibes of happiness. Staying indoors comes with a few challenges and one can’t always step out for a mood switch. But a good perfume will make you feel good and cheerful. With good fragrances one tends to associate good memories. So with every sniff you can feel nice . We suggest you choose a perfume that offers impressive notes like Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume. One of the best perfumes for men, Wild Stone Ultra Sensual range is also available online and offers notes of cardamom, lemon and basil

Concluding Words

If you are confused about which is the best perfume for men available online or otherwise, then trust a good brand. The market is flooded with various men’s perfumes, but one can be always sure with Wild Stone as it takes complete care in crafting the best fragrances for you.  Wild Stone products are readily available online. Just order on the website and we will deliver them at your doorstep, keeping all the safety norms intact.

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