On the occasion of World sleep day of the National institute of neurological disorder reports that frequency of sleep everybody desires varies with age. It’s noted that babies usually would like to sleep sixteen hours every day and teenagers ought to get around nine hours of sleep every night. Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep at night, even though some folks would like as few as five hours or as many as ten hours of sleep on a daily basis. What is important is that you will not realize involves catching those premium hours of rest the position that you simply sleep in is also the explanation for your recent lack of sleep. Your sleeping position will help you shape your lifestyle.

Below are few kinds of sleeping positions and kinds of sleepers:


The skydiver sleeping position is about sleeping on their stomach; they tend to wrap it around the sleeping position being open and upright. It tends to involve a lot space and the sleeper seems to involve a lot of risk as it tends to strain your neck and back it tends to crunch the sensitive muscles. If this position becomes more comfortable to you, one could use this to sleep with your fore head in the side of the pillow; you may be able to ease the snoring process.


Log sleep position in this position the sleeper rests on their side of the bed and the legs extended straight the sleep position is considered to be the second most popular position for any sleeper. The sleeping position may appear to be stiff; they are known to be socially more active and involved. This position helps to support your back as it follows the alignment of the backbone and helps in strengthens the same.


The offshoot log position sleepers also known as the dreaming position, it  is the position where you are on your side but both arms are stretched out it is similar to  the log roller position  but your off shoot log position affects the kind of dreams and effects it would involve. This is more of a resting position and tends to help your body get adequate efficiency to help one dream effectively.


 The baby or fetal sleep position is where a person sleeps on their side with their legs curled up underneath them. This is one of the most popular sleeping positions and is common to many.  It is a tendency to curl up as we are mentally more used to this kind of sleeping position as we all did in the womb. This position is more for the shy and inferior nature of people. You might affect the backbone alignment with this sleep position however it’s a cozy and comfy way to dose off.

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