Laughter is the best medicine and we are very well aware of this, and sure it is fun to always share a good hearty laugh, but are you also aware that it can help you improve your mental health? Laughter is the cure for mental stress that we tend to face in our day to day life. Laughter triggers the physical and emotional changes in our body. Laughter helps you strengthen the immune system, boosts your moods and helps to curb pain and of course helps you fight stress. As kids we were more open to laughter and would unknowingly engage yourselves in the same frequently; but as we grew up it became a task and this is when stress holds our attention. You need to incorporate laughter as a part of your exercise to help you straighten relationships, find greater joy and peace of mind. Laughter helps you lighten up, de stress, inspires hopes, and keeps you grounded, focused and more alert about your surroundings.

Let us understand the effects of laughter in our body and why it is the best medicine:

Laughter helps trigger the release of endorphins which are also known as body’s feel good chemicals, they are chemicals known to promote overall sense of well-being and also help in relieving pain. A good laugh relieves tension and stress and help your muscles relax for more than 45mins thereafter.

Laughter helps reduce stress hormones in our system, strengthens the immune system and the anti-bodies which help to fight against diseases, hereby protecting us against infections and disease causing germs.

Nothing is known to defuse anger and its adverse effects as good as a good hearty laugh. Although there is no replacement to beat calories than working out but let me  tell you laughing also helps you burn calories; so laughing for approximately 10-15 mins  can help you burn about 40 calories which means  you lose three to four pounds in a year.

Laughter is the best medicine to keep your heart happy, it improves in increasing the blood flow and helps you protect against heart diseases. Laughter is known to help you relax; reduce stress and relief tension enabling you to stay more focused.

Here are the health benefits of laughter in our social, mental and physical well-being:

The physical health benefits of laughter can be listed as

  • Helps prevent heart diseases and helps to keep heart healthy
  • Helps in boosting immunity
  • Helps in relaxing muscles
  • Helps in lowering stress hormones

The social health benefits of laughter can be listed as

  • It helps in group bonding and performance
  • It helps in deflecting conflicts
  • Helps in strengthening relationships

The mental health benefits of laughter can be listed as

  • It helps in mood boosting
  • It helps prevent anxiety and tension
  • It helps to increase the overall performance of an individual

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